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December 7, 2022

Judge Veronica Cirstoiu and her son in custody for 29 days

The decision was taken Friday evening by the Court of Appeal. The judge is accused of accepting bribery and conspiracy to influence peddling and her son of complicity to influence peddling.
Prosecutors of the National Anti-corruption Directorate (DNA) on Friday remanded Judge Veronica Cirstoiu of the Bucharest Court of Appeal in a case of a EUR 1 ml bribe for the handing down of favorable decisions in criminal cases. Cirstoiu is accused of accepting bribery and being complicit in influence peddling in the case of EUR 1 M bribe where her son, Florin Cergan, was already held for being complicit in influence peddling.
According to the prosecutors, people interested in favorable settlements of criminal cases pending in courts, gave, through a intermediary, in several installments, money amounting to over one million Euros “in order to obtain a favorable solution in a criminal case”. The judge’s son, Florin Cergan was caught red-handed at the end of last week, the prosecutors deciding on Friday to arrest him for 24 hours.
At the same time, on Friday, the Judges Department of the Superior Council of Magistracy (CSM) agreed, at the request of DNA, to the apprehension and arrest of Veronica Cirstoiu. Cirstoiu went on Friday afternoon to the headquarters of the Anti-corruption Directorate to hear the charges against her in the case in which she is being investigated. She arrived at DNA around 17:45 by taxi, accompanied by her lawyer. At 19:00, the judge’s lawyer left the DNA building saying that his client is innocent.
The DNA prosecutors however decided to hold the judge for 24 hours. Shortly after that, Veronica Cirstoiu and her son, Florin Cergan, were taken to the Court of Appeal (CAB), the DNA prosecutors requesting the issuance of arrest warrants for the two, for alleged corruption. Everything happened fast and the judge and her son received the arrest warrants for 29 days, according to the decision of the CAB. The decision of the Court of Appeal is not final, so it can be appealed to the Supreme Court.
The son of judge Cirstoiu investigated for a car accident with three victims
Judge Veronica Cirstoiu’s son, Florin Cergan, was involved, in March 2011, in a car accident that killed three people, and the Court rejected at the time the proposal for arrest requested by the prosecutors.
The accident happened in Targoviste, on March 8, 2011, when Cergan, at the time a priest in the Laculete parish in Glodeni, Dambovita, was driving a BMW car. He crashed a Dacia driven by priest Nicolae Nicolae from the Gheboaia parish, in which his wife and his 15 years old daughter were. All three died in the car crash. Witnesses said that Cergan had over 100 kilometers per hour. In addition, the biological tests showed that the judge’s son was driving under the influence of alcohol.
Initially he did not admit he was driving the BMW car, but the second day he went to the police and confessed that he had caused the accident, and was detained for 24 hours on charges of manslaughter. A few days after the accident, the Targoviste Achdiocese forbid Cergan to serve as a priest. The local press wrote, in March 2013, that the car crash was analyzed from all points of view yet Cergan “sees to his life”.
The family of the victims killed in the car crash caused by Florin Cergan says that this case is delayed because of the influence of the magistrate. The deceased priest’s sister-in-law says the case keeps being moved from the Institute of Criminology and the Prosecution Court. “This case has been delayed for the last two years, his mother (Florin Cergan’s) being a judge in Bucharest. She is hugely influent and she delays the file. Lots of tests are being made, but the file is not sent to the Court,” Cecilia Stancu said. She also said that the judge’s son was drunk and driving over 150 km/h when the accident occurred.
Former Minister of Justice, currently PDL Vice President, Catalin Predoiu, says that the two heads of Courts, Lia Savonea and Laura Andrei, either have not found the evil in their own yard, or – much worse – they pretended they did not see what was going on”.

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