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July 31, 2021

Leader of Hungary’s extremist party Jobbik makes bellicose statements

Hungarian extremist leader says would take responsibility for a conflict with Romania. Romanian Foreign Ministry expects Hungarian gov’t to dissociate itself from the statements.
Heated atmosphere on Saturday in Transylvania. Jobbik leader Vona Gabor stated at the Hungarian Youth Camp in Transylvania (Erdelyi Magyar Ifjak – EMI), a camp organized in Borzont, Harghita County, that the party he leads will lead and defend the rights and interests of Hungarians in Transylvania, taking responsibility for a conflict with Romania.
Vona Gabor, President of Jobbik, told the journalists present at the EMI Camp that Hungary has the obligation to uphold in front of the European Union and to support the obtainment of the autonomy demanded by Hungarians in Transylvania, being of the opinion that disputes over this issue should be solved as soon as possible.
“I believe that Hungary, apart from symbolic gestures and civic initiatives, has the obligation to try and voice this demand in front of international bodies. I believe this dispute (concerning the Szekely Land’s autonomy) is not the dispute of Romania and Hungary, it’s a European dispute. Hungary has to do everything it can so that the dispute over the autonomy issue is finalized as quickly as possible,” Vona Gabor claimed.
Asked whether he will support the cause of the Szekely Land’s autonomy at the risk of deteriorating relations between Romania and Hungary, the President of Jobbik stated that his party would take this risk which, in his opinion, the whole of Hungary should assume.
“It’s obvious that for us the main goal is not the quality of the relationship between Romania and Hungary but the state of the Hungarian society and nation, which includes the Hungarians in Transylvania.
So, if defending the rights of Hungarians in Romania and representing them means conflict with Romania then I believe that Jobbik will take this responsibility, which in fact has to be taken by the whole of Hungary,” Vona Gabor stated.
Asked for his comments on MEP Tokes Laszlo’s request to Premier Orban Viktor for Hungary to ensure a protectorate over Transylvania, Vona Gabor stated that Jobbik had several initiatives in this sense too and he “can only agree with every step that expands and strengthens the rights of the Hungarian minority in Romania.”
“If we say something then we act in the spirit of what we said. We are not talking for naught, I personally heard about Tokes Laszlo’s request today and from now on we have to think, analyze, and it would be good to discuss with him too, to see what they had in mind when they demanded Hungary’s protectorate over Transylvania. We do not want to engage in an individual action on this issue in any way, but we will debate this issue and we will try to find solutions that will take us forward, not backwards,” Vona Gabor said.
At the same time, he asked the Romanian press to cover “something that was discussed several times before but was never published,” namely that in his opinion “the minorities’ issue that the Hungarians call the Trianon issue” is “the region’s tragedy,” one imposed by Western Europe “whose sole purpose today is none other than making impossible the common action of the nations that live in this region.”
According to him, the nations living in Central Europe face the same problems, being “exploited” by the international capital against which they should act with solidarity. In this context, Vona Gabor also talked about the possibility of a historical reconciliation in Central Europe.
On the other hand, Romania’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MAE) is strongly condemning and rejecting the statements made on Saturday at the Joseni summer camp, in relation to autonomy along ethnic lines, MAE reports in a press release issued yesterday. MAE says such a topic runs contrary to the certified European standards in force for national minorities, adding that it is expecting the Hungarian Government to disassociate itself from the statements that the national leader of the Hungarian nationalist radical party Jobbik Gabor Vona made at Joseni.
“As far as the autonomy along ethnic lines is concerned, MAE is pointing out that this is not part of the sanctioned European standards currently in force for the national minorities, and neither are the so-called collective rights for national minorities that are conceptually excluded from the bilateral relation between Romania and Hungary under their basic political treaty of 1996,”reads the release. As far as the claim that in order to solve the so-called problem of Romanian Magyars by pledging a conflict between Romania and Hungary goes, MAE believes this is extremely serious and in breach with European spirit and principles. “The statement blatantly breaches the contemporary European spirit and realities, international law principles, the basic political treaty and the bilateral strategic partnership. Such positioning is completely outdated and must be firmly condemned by all responsible parties in Romania, Hungary, and Europe in general,” reads the release.
In his turn, PSD Vice President Mircea Dusa stated yesterday that “Jobbik leader’s extremist messages have nothing to do with European values and principles” and should be “firmly rejected.” He stated that “such messages cannot be accepted, but they cannot be treated seriously either because they have nothing to do with the world we are living in,” pointing out that Romania “is an example for Central and Eastern European countries” in what concerns the rights offered to minorities. “I am sure the ethnic Hungarians in Romania disavow such a discourse dominated by hatred, intolerance and generating conflicts. Nobody will stand to win as a result of a deterioration of the Romanian-Hungarian relationship,” Dusa stated.

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