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June 25, 2022

Truce between Udrea and Blaga

PDL deputy Elena Udrea said Friday for Mediafax, after a discussion with the president of PDL, Vasile Blaga that “she can work very well” with Blaga in view of toppling the USL government and that the democrat-liberals that defected to the People’s Movement Party were not sent by her. “Mr. Blaga called me and we agreed to meet. We met and each of us told his opinion. Some colleagues at the top of the party were blaming me for the fellow party members that left for the People’s Movement. I said that they do not go because I send them there, but because they are among the supporters of Traian Basescu. I said that I will not leave PDL, (…) but it is not useful for PDL to be in opposition with President Basescu and the People’s Movement,” Udrea explained, quoted by Mediafax. She added that she told Blaga about how she sees the solutions, which is “one sole right-wing project that will involve all the center-right forces and will be guaranteed by President Basescu.” In his turn, Blaga confirmed having met Elena Udrea on Wednesday, during which she declared her loyalty to the party and said that she is not interested in a different political construction. The PDL leader denied the existence of a black list of PDL containing names like Elena Udrea or Theodor Paleologu and mentioned that he is not the adept of expulsions, and this topic is not on the agenda of the Steering Board slated for August 17 at Baia Mare. In a different move, PDL spokeswoman Adriana Saftoiu reiterated yesterday on Realitatea TV her belief that liberal Crin Antonescu will not remain the presidential candidate of USL and said that he will win the presidential race only if he runs alone. “My conviction dates from some time ago. I do not think that PDL, such a big party, will really give up the position of president of the country, which is the person with most legitimacy,” Saftoiu stated, quoted by realitatea.net.

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