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January 21, 2022

Dutch volunteers build rural dispensary in eastern Romania in two weeks

A medical dispensary opened this weekend at Colonesti, the eastern Bacau County that was built in two weeks’ time by 23 volunteers of the Dutch organisation Werkgroep Zegveld, at the initiative of the Betania charity of Bacau, in partnership with the local mayoralty. “The project for this social facility was launched this spring because in that part of the county of Bacau there was no dispensary in place and people had to travel far to get healthcare services. Together with the mayoralty, we took care of the arrival of the 23 volunteers, who spared no work opportunity to get the dispensary ready in no time. In the meantime, we also took care of the sponsors and the equipping of the dispensary with medical furniture and equipment,” Chairman of Betania Adrianus Muit told Agerpres.
The Dutch-born Muit, enamoured with Bacau, has also been the engine of other initiatives designed to improve healthcare in the poorest parts of Bacau County.
The Colonesti dispensary is part of a healthcare investment project, refurbishing or building rural dispensaries, carried out for more than 11 years by Betania with support from more than 200 Dutch volunteers. The volunteers built similar facilities at Gura Vaii and Racova, Huruiesti, Izvorul Berheciului, and Gaiceana.
Dutch volunteers have also assisted Betania along time in building schools and kindergartens in Romania’s countryside under an educational investment project initiated also by Betania. The outcome was a kindergarten at Sarata, the primary school of Poduri and the primary school of Beresti-Tazlau, educational workshops at the Anghel Saligny National College of Bacau and the high school of Podu Turcului, as well as the Bacau-based Multifunctional Educational Centre. In its almost 20 years of existence, the Betania charity of Bacau have carried out local healthcare and educational investment projects worth more than 19 million euros, with the funds having been almost entirely donated by Dutch sponsors.

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