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November 27, 2020

Report: Assessments on Romanian and Bulgarian immigrants to come to Great Britain in 2014 are ‘unfounded’

In an online edition, The Observer reported that, according to the Migration Matters Trust transpacific lobby group, the number of Romanians and Bulgarians who will come to Great Britain to work is 20,000 and could not possibly be 300,000, as it was rumoured.
Migration Matters Director Atul Hatwal stated that the assessment – well below the value reported by rival groups such as MigrationWatch – is based on analysing historical characteristics of migration in the EU and the limited job opportunities in fields such as manual labour.
He pointed out that the data show these statements are unfounded and provoking. “We believe the anti-immigration lobby has cried wolf far too many times,” Hatwal said.
At present, Romanian and Bulgarian freelancers and seasonal workers are allowed to work in Great Britain only upon approval by their employer. The temporary restrictions imposed in 2007, when the two countries acceded to the EU, expire on 31 December.
Comments in the British press on Romanians employed in the U.K. in the second quarter of this year show that their number is equal to the labour force growth reported in Romania during the same period. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Bucharest has denied those comments, characterising them as “speculative and not based on actual data”.
“The data published by the National Statistics Bureau refer to the number of Romanian citizens who were employed in various jobs in Great Britain in the second quarter of 2013, not to «the number of Romanian workers who came to Great Britain between April and June»”, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated Friday in a press release.

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