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August 10, 2022

Romanian Black Sea beaches to expand more than 33 hectares by 2015 on EU money

The Romanian Black Sea beaches will have their area extended by 33.3 hectares by 2015, following the implementation of a EUR 170.45 M project aimed at protecting and rehabilitating the southern part of the Romanian sea shore located near the port of Constanta and the resort of Eforie Nord, shows information supplied by the Ministry of Environment and Climate Changes to Agerpres. The project seeks to curb the coastal erosion in the most risk-prone areas of the Black Sea coast by implementing the adequate structural and non-structural measures for protecting 7.3 km of beach and expanding the beach area by 33.3 hectares by 2015, the ministry announced. The Romanian coastline is divided into two major sub-divisions: the Northern Unit stretching from Garla Musura to Cape Midia and the Southern Unit from Cape Midia to Vama Veche. The worst-hit sections by such erosion are located on the southern Romanian Black Sea coast: Mamaia, Tomis, Eforie, Tuzla, Olimp-Venus, Saturn-Mangalia, 2 Mai – Vama Veche. Erosion is at its worst in the posh resort of Mamaia, where the coastline is estimated to withdraw by some 40 metres in the next 20 years.

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