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December 1, 2022

Self-proclaimed King of Romani people Florin Cioaba dies

Upon request from family members, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will help with Florin Cioaba’s repatriation.

Self-proclaimed King of the Romani people, Florin Cioaba died yesterday at the age of 58 at Akdeniz Üniversitesi Hospital in Antalya, where physicians had put him on a device to help pump blood into his heart on Friday. Cioaba was transported from Romania to Turkey after he had suffered a pre-infarction Monday afternoon. The piece of information was confirmed by Cioaba’s relatives, who stated for Mediafax that the death was pronounced at 11.10 following a cardiorespiratory arrest.
Upon request from family members, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will help with Florin Cioaba’s repatriation. According to Mediafax, Romanian Embassy officials and representatives of the Consular Affairs Department within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will be involved in repatriating the King of the Romani people. When he was informed of the news, President Traian Basescu sent his condolences to Florin Cioaba’s family, saying that the former was a “true leader and a pillar of the Romani community” because he encouraged Romani youths to go to school and honour traditions in following their calling.
Yet, Dorin Cioaba, Florin Cioaba’s son asked yesterday for the state’s help to pay his father’s hospitalization bill, precisely EUR 350,000, explaining his family cannot afford to pay it.
Previously, Dorin Cioaba had said the family rented the necessary medical equipment that was brought to Akdeniz Üniversitesi hospital. Friends of the family stated on the same day that after the surgery, Florin Cioaba needed thrombocyte concentrate, normally used in blood transfusions. The intervention occurred after Florin Cioaba, who was in critical condition and kept alive solely by machines, had been transferred from Anadolu hospital in Antalya to Akdeniz Üniversitesi hospital in the same Turkish province.
However, controversy ensued over Serban Bradisteanu, Chief of Cardiovascular Surgery at Floreasca Emergency Hospital, who came to Antalya to decide whether Florin Cioaba could be transported to Romania or if he could undergo the surgery there. Bradisteanu stated Thursday that Florin Cioaba had no irreversible brain lesions, but his condition was nevertheless serious because blood circulation to his brain had been affected by the infarction and the contraction capacity of his heart was reduced and he needed renal support for his damaged kidneys. In reply to the question as to who had requested that he go to Turkey to assess Florin Cioaba’s condition, physician Serban Bradisteanu said that President Traian Basescu had made the request.
On Friday, PM Victor Ponta characterised President Traian Basescu’s call to physician Serban Bradisteanu as revolting, explaining that the President must have had some “nerve” asking the physician to go to Turkey and assess Florin Cioaba’s medical condition after “having initiated criminal proceedings” on him. Foreign Affair Minister Titus Corlatean believes that President Traian Basescu sent physician Serban Bradisteanu to Ankara to win sympathy from the Romani community and “maybe support for his infamous political project that will surely fail”.
The Head of State’s youngest daughter, MEP PDL member Elena Basescu reacted to the PM’s statement, saying that “out of political hatred”, PM Victor Ponta “would leave a man to die”. PDL Deputy Elena Udrea also criticised the Prime Minister’s statement and pointed out that Ponta “should resign immediately” because “as Prime Minister of Romania, one cannot say that in Romania investigations are politically commissioned”.

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