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March 30, 2023

Coffin carrying Florin Cioaba’s body brought to Romania

Florin Cioaba’s son said the misunderstanding regarding the information received from hospital management is due to lack of proper dialogue and interpreters not conveying the right message.

The coffin carrying the corpse of Florin Cioaba, self-proclaimed King of the Roma people, was expected to be flown in yesterday evening by an airplane of the Turkish Airlines to the Henri Coanda Airport at 8.50 p.m. The burial ceremony will most likely be held on Saturday.
Daniel Cioaba, the youngest son of the self-proclaimed King of the Romani people, stated yesterday morning for Mediafax that the coffin would be taken “straight home”.
Florin Cioaba’s eldest son, Dorin Cioaba, cried when his father’s coffin was taken out of the hospital in Turkey and carried into the car, Antena 3 reports. Tens of family members and close friends of the deceased watched the coffin wrapped in a white canvass was placed in the car.
The Cioaba family paid USD 15.000 and the insurance company covered the remaining USD 22.000 requested by the Turkish hospital as surgery and treatment expenses.
Dorin Cioaba blames interpreters for the misunderstandings between his family and the physicians in Turkey. He stated yesterday at the Akdeniz Universitesi hospital in Antalya that the misunderstandings over the information received from hospital management was due to lack of proper dialogue and the interpreters not conveying the right message, but the physicians “did everything in their power” to save his father. He said that his father had medical insurance, but the hospital in Antalya could not obtain this data because of the national vacation days in Romania. The situation was resolved, he added, and all the necessary proceedings were carried out by the medical unit. Dorin Cioaba also said the physicians “did everything in their power” to save his father and kept the family constantly informed. “At that particular time, there were a series of vacation days in Romania and I could not get access to the medical insurance. As soon as I did, I brought the papers to the hospital, they filled in the necessary documents and my father’s body will be carried to the airplane as soon as possible. Different hospital expense figures circulated in the press, but it was all due to misinformation and a lack of dialogue between the hospital and us; we had many interpreters who did not convey what they were supposed to. The hospital acted appropriately, they stood by us the entire time and did everything in their power to save my father. They wept with us, prayed with us and gave it their all for my father”, Dorin Cioaba stated, according to Mediafax.
Florin Cioaba, who died on Sunday, will be buried at Sibiu, where the Cioaba family was granted a burial plot in the Municipal Cemetery, next to the grave of his father, the former self-proclaimed King of the Roma.

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