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December 7, 2021

Cristian Preda: “You cannot get to Cotroceni the second”

MEP Cristian Preda, currently suspended from PDL because of the constant criticism against the party leadership, tells the Democrat-liberal leaders that one cannot get to Cotroceni second. “It is ridiculous that PDL show their 15 percent muscles in front of the parties who only have 5 percent. (…) I believe that resources should be found to stimulate a competition to have someone with 50 percent chances, not 15 percent or, as I have heard, 20 percent, the PDL target for the European Parliament elections. This cannot give you the first price and, in Cotroceni, only the first price exists”, Preda said yesterday at RFI. In his opinion, the latest statements of the Democrat-liberal leadership, following Saturday’s Board of Directors meeting in Baia Mare regarding the European Parliament and presidential elections are “regrettable”. “This simply confirms a point of view that was expressed last December, after the elections. The only new note is the arrogance of the powerful against the weaker ones”, the MEP says. He hopes that the internal elections for the appointment of the PDL candidate for President of Romania will not be a sham. Preda criticized, at the same time, the fact that the PDL president Vasile Blaga “was hasty in indicating he has a preference” (Cristian Predoiu). “It would have been better for him to stay in the position of the referee of the competition”, Preda said.
PDL prime-deputy Catalin Predoiu said, Sunday evening, in Oradea, that the party will not accept a common candidate of the right for President outside the party and Vasile Blaga said that the Democrat-liberals will go alone in the Parliamentary elections and that they will not have “donations” for the small parties. The two leaders of PDL criticized the People’s Movement Party. “We have a strong team and valuable people, we have a party where there is a communication between the center and the base. It’s not going to be as before, when we had an engine and 20 cars. We need 20 engines and there are so many valuable people leading  PDL”, Predoiu said.

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