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August 12, 2022

Heat wave to end tomorrow, patchy rains during last week of August

Temperatures of around 30 degrees until September 1

The summer will continue today with another heat wave episode, but meteorologists announce that starting tomorrow temperatures will drop slightly, approaching normal levels for the last week of August, weak rains being expected in western regions and at the mountainside. Temperatures of 36 degrees Celsius are expected today, however mornings will be cool and will feature minimum temperatures that will barely surpass 20 degrees, especially at the seaside. At the seaside the weather will continue to be nice, with maximum air temperatures of 30 degrees and water temperatures of 25-26 degrees. Nevertheless, the wind speed is expected to register hikes. Starting tomorrow temperatures will drop especially in western regions, from 36 to 30 degrees. Temperatures will remain high in southern and eastern regions, maximum levels set to reach 34 degrees.
According to a long-term forecast running up to September 1, the weather will be within normal limits until the start of autumn, featuring temperatures around 30 degrees in most of the country’s regions, with more extended rains set to be registered in Transylvania.
In the Banat area the heat wave will die down after August 20, temperatures set to stabilize around 30 degrees. Towards the end of the month there will be a tendency for daytime temperatures to drop another 2 degrees Celsius on average. Minimum temperatures will drop slightly and gradually throughout the period, from averages of 17-18 degrees to 14-15 degrees.
In the Crisana region there will be rains and thunderstorms throughout the period starting on August 21. But on August 27 the rains will be more significant and over larger areas.
In Transylvania temperatures will be lower both at night and during the day. Thus, the maximum temperatures of approximately 30 degrees registered today and tomorrow will drop to average levels of 24-25 degrees on August 30 – September 1. Minimum temperatures will range from 11 to 14 degrees. Rains will occur almost on a daily basis from August 22 on.
In the Maramures region maximum temperatures will drop to 26-28 degrees, while minimum temperatures will drop to 15 degrees. Rains will be registered mostly on August 25, 27 and 30.
In Moldavia maximum temperatures will drop to 26 degrees, and sporadic rains will be registered mostly in the second part of the period.
In Dobrogea and at the seaside temperatures will stabilize around 27-30 degrees, the probability for rains being low until September 1.
In Muntenia the weather will remain warm until August 27, maximum temperatures standing around an average of 32 degrees during this period. Then temperatures will drop slightly and gradually to approximately 28 degrees Celsius in the final days of the period analyzed. Rains will be registered only over small areas.
In Oltenia maximum temperatures will stand around 30 degrees Celsius. Isolated rains will be registered most likely after August 23. At the mountainside daytime temperatures will stand at 18-21 degrees, while nighttime temperatures will drop to 9 degrees. The probability for rains and thunderstorms will grow after August 21 and will remain high until the end of the period.
The National Meteorological Administration’s forecast concerns the August 19 – September 1 period and is based on data from the European Center for Medium-Range Weather Forecast (ECMRWF) based in Reading, England.

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