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October 2, 2020

Many earthquakes expected to occur in Romania this year

French newspaper Le Monde published the results of the latest study on seismic risks for the following 50 years.
Gheorghe Marmureanu, honorary director of the National Institute for Earth Physics stated that in 2013 we will experience intense seismic activity in the form of low intensity earthquakes that will not result in victims or material damages.  According to Marmureanu, many earthquakes will occur this year but they will be of low intensity (7 degrees on the Richter scale).
“There will be many, in fact very many earthquakes, but this is also due to our remarkable equipment that monitors even extremely small earthquakes. However, earthquakes ending in death will not occur. For an earthquake to result in the loss of human lives and material damages, it must be higher than 7 degrees on the Richter scale. Such earthquakes do not come into question at this time. 6-degree earthquakes can happen at any time, but these are of no consequence because they cannot result in death and material damages. They usually occur about every other ten years. They could happen at any time – this year or the next – but they are irrelevant where Romania is concerned. We have conducted research through historical and scientific analyses of what has happened in the last 600 years in Romania. A catastrophic earthquake of 7 degrees could not occur in the near future. There are approximately 350-400 earthquakes a year on average”, Gheorghe Marmureanu, honorary director of the National Institute for Earth Physics stated Thursday for Mediafax.
However, George Purcaru, Professor Dr. at the Geology Science Institute of the “J.W.Goehe” University in Frankfurt, Germany claims that, in 2013, Romania will experience a very powerful earthquake of a magnitude between 6.7 and 7.1 degrees on the Richter scale, viata-libera.ro writes. “Initially, based on the three laws I have discovered after analysing over 1.100 earthquakes, I predict that the powerful earthquake to occur in Vrancea in 2012 or 2013. Recently conducted research and three other earthquakes identified by Russian seismologists have led me to change the date of my prediction to 2013”, the Professor said.
Mircea Radulian, scientific director of the National Institute for Earth Physics does not rule out this hypothesis. “Major earthquakes cannot be predicted. They happen fairly seldom. Statistically speaking, earthquakes higher than 5 degrees on the Richter scale occur in this seismic area every two years. Thus, in 2013 we might expect such an earthquake, but it could just as well occur in 2014 or 2020. We cannot precisely predict when an earthquake higher than 5 degrees on the Richter scale might occur”, Radulian emphasized for Mediafax.
Major earthquakes are expected to occur in other European countries as well, a new Europe-wide study cited by the French newspaper Le Monde shows. The study also confirms that Romania is among the European countries that pose the largest seismic threat. The article published in Le Monde, entitled “Historically unprecedented earthquakes could take place in Europe” and written by Pierre le Hir, refers to the results of a study conducted by a team of 50 international experts. For the first time, they used unique mathematical criteria and models to draw a map of earthquake risks in EU countries and neighbouring countries. According to Le Monde , this is a valuable tool for companies that establish paraseismic regulations (such as those pertaining to branches that use sensitive wiring).
The maps were made public by Le Monde and show that in the next 50 years large areas of Romania could experience major seismic activity. The risk is even greater in Turkey, Italy, Greece and other Balkan countries. “The overall geographical distribution of seismic activity throughout Europe is known. It results mainly from the collision between the African and Eurasian tectonic plates. The danger increases in Turkey, Greece and the Balkan Peninsula, respectively in Italy and Romania”, Le Monde writes based on the result of the study.

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