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October 30, 2020

Ovidiu Silaghi, questioned by the DNA in the case of the 2012 referendum

The liberal deputy said, after the hearing, that this year his life was a long series of coincidences and added that he was summoned by the DNA two days before Traian Basescu had to announce – had he maintained his candidacy – whether or not he will appoint Silaghi as Minister of Transport.
The liberal deputy Ovidiu Silaghi, former Minister of Transport in the Ponta 1 Cabinet, was heard yesterday by the National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA) in order to answer questions in the case of the denunciation made by Senator Valer Marian regarding the 2012 referendum for the impeachment of President Traian Basescu. As he was entering the DNA building, Silaghi said that he did not rig the results of the referendum, he has no jamming devices like James Bond and he did not receive EUR 200,000 as bribe from businessman Nelu Iordache. The name of Ovidiu Silaghi appears in the denunciation submitted to the DNA in July by PPDD senator Valer Marian, a former member of PSD, in which he accused deputy premier Liviu Dragnea of rigging the referendum of last year. In the same case the DNA questioned Tuesday the president of the Satu Mare County Council Adrian Stef (PNL) and the former Minister of Education Ioan Mang (PSD).
The former Minister of Transport was more talkative when he left the DNA offices. On this occasion, he answered several questions that referred to the accusations from the case regarding supposed acts of influence peddling in favour of Nelu Iordache and the EUR 200,000 bribe he allegedly received from the businessman. “In the other case (about the bribe) I do not have too much information. What I know, I know from the press. These aberrant statements of Nelu Iordache, which he made in prison, about giving me money. Why? Because I terminated his contracts… On November 22, when he says that he came to my place, at night, to give me money, that day I terminated his contract. His statements make no sense,” Silaghi said, quoted by Mediafax.
The liberal however admitted that the meeting evoked by Nelu Iordache took place, but no sum of money was neither given, nor promised in order to solve the problem of his contract. “He came to my place that night, as I did not know he would come and he was not invited. He came with a friend of mine, Remus Span. I know him since ’97 and I knew that he worked with Blue Air at some moment, I knew that he was an intelligence officer, not that he is still now,” the former minister of Transport explained. He added that, as he saw Nelu Iordache at his door, he could not turn back the two guests, but reaffirmed that the businessman had no sum of money on him. He added that such a large sum could not have been missed by the airport security checks: “He had nothing, no bag. In fact, this can be seen on the records made when he left Bucharest, which show that he certainly had no bag, he was wearing blue jeans and a T-shirt, and nothing in his hand. Hiding EUR 200,000 during a security check on the airport is something, not very simple. I hope I will obtain the record made on the Baia Mare airport.”
Asked about what Nelu Iordache actually wanted from him, Silaghi confirmed the statements made by the businessman in the denunciation, which is that he wanted the minister to cancel the termination of the contract, which was no longer possible after the procedure had been completed. “The procedure had started in May, June last year, through a letter I received from the European Commission (…), a letter which I took to the prime minister, for which I demanded the Control Body of the prime minister to make a check. Later, there was also a verification conducted by OLAF and DLAF. The termination of this contract was the result of countless approaches which cannot be opposed,” he explained. Asked if Remus Span should have been a chief of cabinet at the Ministry of Transport, Silaghi denied the information.

My life was a long series of coincidences this last year

Ovidiu Silaghi said that his life was a long series of coincidences during the last year, adding that he was summoned by the DNA two days before Traian Basescu was expected to announce if he appoints him as minister of Transport. “My life was a long series of coincidences this last year. The day when the electoral campaign started last year, the National Integrity Agency (ANI) declared me incompatible. The day I win the lawsuit against ANI I am called at the DNA, precisely that day, in a different file. When I am announced as candidate for the Ministry of Transport, ANI files a complaint at the Oradea Court of Appeals, totally unjustified and outside any procedure, but it still files it, in order to keep me busy. On the 21st I am summoned, before August 23, and on the 19 the DNA asks the Parliament the beginning of a criminal probe in a file full of nonsenses you cannot even imagine,” Silaghi mentioned

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