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August 6, 2021

Yellow Scorpions returned from Afghanistan

Hundreds of inhabitants of Timisoara participated in the welcome ceremony in the honour of the almost 500 military. Investigation opened on suspicions concerning the method of selection of soldiers for missions.

National Defence Minister Mircea Dusa addressed thanks to the military of Yellow Scorpions 2nd Manoeuvre Battalion, who came back yesterday to Timisoara (western Romania) from the theatres of operations of Afghanistan, where they were deployed half a year.
‘We appreciate the efforts the Romanian military make in the theatres of operations, the efforts that the Romanian Army makes to ensure the worldwide security on the principle of collaboration,’ Mircea Dusa said.
“The soldiers are today’s stars because they put their lives at risk for a very dangerous mission. I want to especially thank them because that order – a fighting, albeit verbal order – to return home with a complete headcount was followed through”, Dusa added.
On the other hand, Minister of Defence announced he has sent the Control Inspectorate to Craiova to investigate the “Red Scorpions” Battalion, as there are suspicions concerning the method of selection of soldiers for missions in Afghanistan.
Minister Dusa also declared on this occasion that terrorism and cyber-war were the two most important dangers threatening the humanity and NATO and the European Union states must take measures in order to create defense systems for themselves. “The EU, at the European Council due in December is to clearly define its military capabilities for the upcoming period”, the minister added. ‘We’ll also hold a preliminary meeting of the defence ministers in Vilnius, at the beginning of the month to discuss the prospects facing the military capabilities the EU is to set up in the upcoming period, given that, as you see, there are enough problems in the world. There arise in Syria, in Egypt new elements threatening the security and these elements must be taken into account when laying the foundations for the military capabilities, either of the EU or NATO’, Dusa stressed.
It is worth mentioning that during their stationing in Zabul since the start of the year, Romanian soldiers experienced only one serious incident, namely a road accident that occurred in May and resulted in four soldiers being injured. While on patrol on A1 motorway in Afghanistan, the MRAP infantry fight vehicle the four soldiers were in flipped over after the tire exploded. Sargent major Dorin Segedi and third class corporals Sorin Banulescu, Sergiu Ola and Elena Cristina Marin were injured in the incident.
In the Opera Square, hundreds of inhabitants of Timisoara participated in the welcome ceremony in the honour of the almost 500 military of Yellow Scorpions 2nd Manoeuvre Battalion, who saluted and presented the battle flag. Yellow Scorpions 2nd Manoeuvre Battalion Commander, Lieutenant Colonel Cristian Dan, in his turn thanked the military he has had under command which successfully fulfilled the mission. ‘It is a moment of joy and fulfilment, because we all came back home and because the mission the country entrusted us with was completed. (…) I am proud, both of my subordinates and of the fact that the mission was accomplished and we all came back home,’ Lieutenant Colonel Cristian Dan said.
We note that 20 Romanian soldiers died in the eleven years since Romanian troops first arrived to Afghanistan. Minister of Defence Mircea Dusa stated at the end of June that all Romanian operational soldiers would return from Afghanistan by the end of 2014. According to the Minister, the number of soldiers will be reduced from 1,600 to 1,100 in the second part of this year, leaving approximately 200 soldiers, command officers and field experts by the end of next year to prepare the instruction of the Afghan army.

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