Cantacuzino Institute will not produce any flu vaccine this year

Radu Iordachel, the dismissed director of the Cantacuzino Institute, said, last week, that the Minister of Health, Eugen Nicolaescu, did many illegal things while he served as a General Manager. The former manager had many accusations against the Minister of Health and against the people who were asked to coordinate the Cantacuzino Institute. Radu Iordachel was fired for reasons of mismanagement, which made the recovery of the institution impossible. The former manager claims that, through a series of abuses and illegalities, Minister Eugen Nicolaescu transferred the control of the institution from the Ministry of Health to that of his intermediaries. This refers to the fact that four new members were imposed for the Board of Directors, people from the Ministry, even if the law says that only one person recommended by the Ministry may be proposed for any institution. In addition, he said that the four persons are not specialized in the field, a mandatory requirement under the law provisions.
He also claims that in January last year, Eugen Nicolaescu ‘invented’ the position of a Deputy Director of the Cantacuzino Institute, only one month after the organization of the institution had been approved. Iordachel says that this position does not exist in the list of functions for such institutions.
Despite the promises and the programs initiated by the Ministry of Health regarding the production of the Romanian flu vaccine in the Cantacuzino Institute that should have dealt with this process, until now nothing happened. Until now, the process should have been advanced and the production should have started, yet, according to the former director Radu Iordachel, over 100 employees of the Institute, specialized in the production line, have nothing to do. Furthermore, the 10 million lei promised by the Ministry of Health in May have not yet been transferred to the accounts of the Cantacuzino Institute and no permit was issued. Also, although it is almost September, the necessary equipment for the production process has not been purchased. Under these circumstances, Romania will have to import the vaccine from abroad, at higher prices.
Currently, the position of Radu Iordachel was taken by his deputy, Ovidiu Antal. Radu Iordachel was appointed as director in April 2012, replacing Dorel Lucian Radu. He has been the manager of the Cantacuzino Institute between 2009 and 2012. In April 2010, he was fired by Cseke Attila, the Minister of Health in that period. In February 2010, the Cantacuzino Institute faced serious problems after the National Medicines Agency had withdrawn the selling authorization for injectable products, on the grounds that their permit for quality standards and best practice in terms of manufacturing had expired.
In response, the Ministry of Health says that the irresponsible attitude of the former general manager of the Cantacuzino Institute was the main reason for the decline of the health institution and that, unfortunately, he would not admit he did the institution a lot of harm, a press release of the Ministry of Health, sent to Mediafax, says.
The Ministry of Health announced that they maintain all the views presented in the report of the Control Body on which the decision for Iordachel’s dismissal was based. The Ministry of Health has also asked the Control Corps to check the unduly paid amounts and charge the former manager for them, the press release adds.
The Ministry also informed that after the dismissal of Iordachel, a number of steps were taken so that, until the end of this year, the Institute could work efficiently and be able to honor their obligations.

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