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February 8, 2023

Gov’t to adopt list of prioritized investments by end October

The Government at the end of October is to adopt a list of prioritized investments, Minister Delegate for Budget Liviu Voinea told the Antena 3 TV station. He said that efficient public investments must be priority zero for the authorities in 2014 and in three weeks the Government would adopt the criteria for prioritizing public investments. ‘There are many fields, the transport infrastructure and the energy infrastructure, the environment, where we must invest more, on condition that we invest efficiently. This is where a new unit, which is now being created in the Ministry of Finance, a unit meant to assess public investments, will play an important part,’ said the Minister Delegate for Budget.
He also mentioned that the basic scenario of the budget for 2014 includes continuing the indexation of pensions by 4 percent and the increase in salaries by 3 percent in the public sector. “But within this increase, the largest part goes to the payment for the final court rulings. When salaries were cut by 25 percent, many public servants sued the state to court, they also won the case and then, in 2011, an ordinance was issued, which deferred the payment of these rights, which they won in court: in 2012, 5 percent of the total sum of money owed to them, in 2013, 10 percent, and next year, 25 percent, about two billion lei,’ said Liviu Voinea. The Minister Delegate for Budget also referred to the conditions that make it possible to lower the flat tax to 12 percent. ‘Either the collection grows to a large extent, by the reorganization of ANAF [National Agency for Fiscal Administration], or we find other sources of revenues to the budget, or they will cut expenses somewhere else to make up for the loss of revenues by such measures meant to give fiscal incentives,’ said Voinea.

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