Emperor Iulian sues the Cioaba family

They have just buried Florin Cioaba, the former King of the Roma, and the war has already started inside the community. Thus, Iulian Radulescu, the self-proclaimed emperor of the Roma, said, for ‘Ring’, that he had already sued the Cioaba family to recover the gold they have wrongfully received from the authorities at the beginning of the ‘90s. He asks from the family of the two kings 120 kilos of gold, the value of which was estimated at about 18 million lei. After it was confiscated during the communist years, the Roma people have recovered the greatest part of their gold at the beginning of the ‘90s. Among those who recovered their gold was the Cioaba family. However, according to Iulian Radulescu, the gold the family of the two kings received at the time is not rightfully theirs. “I have a lot of gold to recover from them. I have sued them in Sibiu and I have asked for their wealth to be seized. I will go to the High Court if necessary to recover that money,” emperor Iulian said, quoted by Another thing that Iulian says he can prove is that Ion Cioaba, Florin’s father, was an impostor, this being the reason for which he wants to recover the gold. The Roma leader considers that Ion Cioaba, who died in 1997, was an impostor and that the real one is still alive and lives in Dolj County.

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