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January 17, 2021

Record traffic fines in just three days

Road policemen issued over 26,000 tickets in just three days, 16,300 of them to speeding drivers, and suspended 1,017 driving licenses during a large-scale operation aimed at preventing accidents, conducted at European scale. The preventive action meant to curb the number of traffic accidents and the consequences of speeding is part of the preventive campaign named ‘Speed,’ unfolding in all the 27 member states of the ‘European Traffic Police Network’ Organisation (TISPOL), the Romanian Police informs in a press release quoted by Mediafax. Following the action conducted during 23-25 August, 1,017 drivers had their licenses suspended, 434 for speeding. Policemen also discovered 329 crimes, 291 of them against road traffic laws. The problems found in traffic resulted in 26,608 fines worth RON 4,755,536 in total. According to the source, 16,322 drivers were fined for speeding, 211 for reckless overtaking and 128 for driving under the influence.

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