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October 24, 2021

ASIROM signs protocol with Natural Disaster Insurance Pool

ASIROM Vienna Insurance Group has signed a collaboration protocol with the Natural Disaster Insurance Pool (PAID), for the intermediation of mandatory home insurances, a press release informs. “In the shortest of times our company will be able to offer, through its network, the PAD policy too, apart from optional home insurance. PAD, the IT application necessary for the sale of mandatory home insurance policies, is in the final stages of implementation,” the company informs.
Thus, home owners will be able to purchase from ASIROM a full coverage PAD policy for insured sums of EUR 20,000/10,000 depending on the type of home, with coverage for the risks of earthquake, landslides and flooding, and the complementary optional policy. “The fact that the insurers that are not PAID members will be able to sell the mandatory home insurance policy is a good thing that will stimulate competitiveness on the insurance market. This is to the benefit of the client, who will be able to choose the issuing company that offers him the most benefits. The introduction of the franchise when it comes to the risks covered by PAID will probably lead to a drop in the prices of optional policies,” ASIROM President Mariana Diaconescu stated.

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