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October 25, 2021

Dobritoiu wants release from prosecution

The former Defence Minister showed up at the DNA headquarters in order
to study the evidence that prosecutors collected in the case in which he is investigated for the way
in which he obtained his company accommodation.

Corneliu Dobritoiu stated on Tuesday when leaving the National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA) that he asked for his release from prosecution, arguing that he could not have taken the steps concerning the allocation of company accommodation since he was on a NATO mission at the time, all activities being monitored by the NATO commandment. “Back then I was working in an international capacity, at NATO, as part of an international general staff whose task was to coordinate military operations in the Balkans. The activity was non-stop at that moment, as was normal, and the dialogue with the country and with any other persons were monitored by the commandment,” Dobritoiu stated.
“I also gave a statement as part of the procedure to expand the prosecution in what concerns what was being said, namely that starting in 1999 I allegedly premeditated the obtainment or allocation of an apartment that was allegedly bought at a subsidized price,” Dobritoiu stated, being quoted by Mediafax.
The former minister also pointed out that, considering this situation but also the lack of serious elements that would determine his prosecution, he considered that it is necessary to ask the investigators to release him from prosecution. Dobritoiu stated that a prosecutor other than the one handling the case will analyze his request, pointing out that until the request is solved he will no longer show up to study the prosecution’s case.
The former minister went to the DNA on August 20 too, being subpoenaed by anticorruption prosecutors who informed him that he is also prosecuted for forgery and that the legal classification of an offence for which he is already indicted in the case has been changed. Corneliu Dobritoiu stated back then, when leaving the DNA, that the investigation in his case started when the information according to which he was about to take over the Defense Ministry was leaked, probably in order to block his bid, pointing out that “now it’s clear that the Liberals are public enemy number one and they have to be squashed.”

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