Tariceanu: Ponta does too much the work of others

Former Prime Minister, Calin Popescu-Tariceanu, a PNL senator, said yesterday, in an interview for Mediafax, that Prime Minister Victor Ponta too often does the work of his ministers. He said that there is a risk for Ponta to become sort of a “lightning rod” in case the targets in certain areas are not reached. “The activity of the current Prime Minister is beyond my expectations. However, having in view the scale of the problems as well as their great number, a permanent commitment is needed not only from the Prime Minister, but from the ministers as well. (…) I’d have just one suggestion for the Prime Minister: to remember that his presence (…) could blur the personalities of some of the members of the Cabinet who should have the courage to take initiative, to step forward and to take responsibilities themselves”, Tariceanu said. He stressed that this is not a matter of Ponta wanting an image monopoly, but he said that, probably, the Prime Minister “does too much the work of others”. “The image of the Ministers seems to be faded, with some exceptions, of course”, the former Prime Minister said. Tariceanu said that Victor Ponta’s Cabinet has several projects and that there are many initiatives that were opened to public debate and he warned about the risk that the efforts dilute. The former PM also said that he did not notice any big mistakes of the USL government saying that the only thing that worried him was the CFR Marfa privatization, which he considers “a big problem”. In the interview, Tariceanu spoke about the fiscal policy of the government saying that it seems to be directed towards a higher taxation of the subjects who are good payers. He returned thus to the measure of the additional taxation for rents, of which he does not approve, saying that the tax evasion should be fought against by increasing the penalties, so that the minimum sentence be of five years and the maximum of 20. Furthermore, Tariceanu said that he did not consider appropriate to reduce the VAT for bread, and that he would rather choose to increase the fees for resources, going towards a system of indirect taxation.
Regarding PNL, the former PM admitted that, at the level of the Party leadership, there is a certain “tension”, a “stress” connected to the situation in the Ministry of Transportation, admitting at the same time that this has created an image problem for the Party. He expressed the hope that Ramona Manescu will honorably occupy the position of Minister of Transportation, saying that this is a difficult Ministry to manage. Asked if he wants to be a candidate for the presidency of PNL, Tariceanu said: “Right now, I am not in the situation to declare either that I want or that I don’t want this position”.

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