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June 28, 2022

Forecasters announce capricious autumn, with 0 degrees in November

The weather is cooling all over the country, and we are expecting rains and lightning. The rains in the coming days will make the transition to autumn.
According to meteorological estimates for the interval September-November 2013 given by the European Centre for Medium-Range Forecasts (ECMWF), in Reading, England, sent to the Ministry of Environment and quoted by realitatea.net, cold weather could begin earlier this year, in November, when temperatures could drop to 0 degrees Celsius. Yet, experts say that the average monthly temperatures will be over the climatologic average for the greatest part of the country in September. In October, the monthly amounts of rainfall will generally exceed the climatologic averages, except for the southeastern and eastern areas, where they will be close to normal. In November, the temperatures will come close to the yearly averages, except for the south and southeastern parts of the country, where the estimated values will exceed the normal ones. In the central and northeastern parts, the amount of rainfall could exceed the normal average, while in the south they will be generally deficient. The seasonal estimates made by the European Centre for Medium-Range Forecasts (ECMWF), in Reading, have a degree of achievement of approximately 60 percent. The distribution of monthly average temperatures as well as the distribution of monthly amounts of rainfall are estimated, but the extreme short time phenomena cannot be forecast this way.
Meanwhile, weather took an unexpected turn for the end of August, as we have low temperatures and rain. National Meteorology Administration (ANM) announced for yesterday and today, rainfall accompanied by lightning for the entire country. The meteorologists say that the rain in the coming days will make the transition to autumn. The rainfall will lead to a cooling of the weather and temperatures will not exceed 25 degrees Celsius. “According to the calendar, summer ends on September 1 and this time the rule applies for the weather too. We can no longer speak about extreme heat”, Oana Catrina, a meteorologist at the ANM explained, quoted by the adevarul.ro.

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