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May 6, 2021

Finance Ministry cancels registration session on “de minimis” scheme

Following the fraud accusations concerning the competition for the offering of the “de minimis” aid for SMEs, the Public Finance Ministry has canceled the online registration session, the procedure set to be resumed later. On Wednesday morning several entrepreneurs who tried to access the Finance Ministry’s webpage complained that the section dedicated to the “de minimis” scheme of RON 500 M froze after being opened and the selection process was declared finished shortly thereafter, the entrepreneurs being unable to apply for financial aid.
Subsequently, the ministry issued a communiqué in which it pointed out that the webpage was accessed by 20,225 persons and the rest of those interested were no longer able to enter the website because the IT equipment’s technical limit “had already been reached.” According to the ministry, based on the data offered by the Special Telecommunications Service (STS) and by IT specialists, from 8.30 PM to 8.36 PM the MFP’s page dedicated to the “de minimis” scheme was accessed by 20,225 persons, 3,164 filling-in the registration form during that time. The Ministry points out that 714 of the 3,164 persons sent the form, receiving the registration confirmation that the system automatically issued. Of the 714 forms, 644 were admitted, the rest being rejected because they either surpassed the EUR 200,000 ceiling per company or multiple registrations were received from the same company. Thus, 2,450 persons who were in the process of filling-in the form were unable to finish the procedure before the RON 500 M ceiling was reached.
Finance Minister Daniel Chitoiu ordered an internal investigation on Wednesday evening. “Preliminary investigations show that the IT resources allocated to the “de minimis” scheme were insufficient given the erroneous estimation of the large number of companies that are interested. Thus, blockages and error messages appeared when accessing the webpage. Consequently, we decided to cancel the online registration session for the “de minimis” scheme and to resume it later in order to offer full equality of chances for all SMEs interested in registering financing requests, eliminating any suspicion concerning the correctness of this procedure,” Chitoiu concluded, being quoted by Mediafax.

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