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May 16, 2021

Monsignor Ghika, commemorated today

Romanian Foundation for Democracy (FRD), in cooperation with the Roman Catholic Archbishopric of Bucharest, on Friday Aug 30, present the Jilava Memorial to those who are attending the ceremony of the beatification of Mons. Vladimir Ghika, a martyr of faith, whom the Romanian communist repression bodies tortured and killed in the Jilava Prison, on May 16, in 1954. Monsignor Vladimir Ghika (1873-1954), a Roman Catholic pastor whose martyrdom has been acknowledged by Pope Francisc on March 27, will be beatified in a Solemn Liturgy (Missa Solemnis) to be officiated tomorrow at the Romexpo Exhibition Center in Bucharest. According to the release, FRD sent to Agerpres, attending the presentation of the Jilava Memorial, at the initiative of the FRD chairman Emil Constantinescu, are over 50 high religious officials from several European countries and members of Mons. Ghika’s family. A documentary film will show the testimonials by former Anti-communist political convicts, imprisoned over 1948-1964. A key moment of the event is the moment of respect the participants will pay at the Jilava 13 central ward, where convicts whom the communist rulers saw as foes of the Communism, were imprisoned and tortured. The visitors will also go to the Valley of Peaches, the place where the political prisoners sentenced to death were executed.

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