Some 2.1 million Romanians working in other EU member states

The number of Romanians who left their homeland in search of work has grown explosively after the country’s EU accession, with estimates put together at European level showing that approximately 2.1 million Romanians are working in other EU member states, according to the draft National Workforce Employment Strategy 2013 – 2020, Agerpres informs. The main destinations of the Romanians who left for work in the EU are Italy – with 890,000 people; Spain – 825,000; and Germany – 110,000.
‘This massive migration of active workforce occurred in a very short time, causing an imbalance on the labor market, which is a difficult to manage phenomenon that poses a challenge to the design of the appropriate policies for correlating supply with demand. So, whereas at the beginning of the period under review, the domestic market was operating with a big supply surplus, beginning with the second half of the interval, following the structural changes in the economy, the market functioned with large deficits in particular economic sectors and areas. The low unemployment in itself was not a real efficiency indicator, as long as many economic sectors were unable to hire personnel in the desired numbers and skill levels. It is obvious that the gap between supply and demand has enhanced the risk of productivity loss, whereas the major lever for counteracting this phenomenon, the lifelong training system, operates with quite a number of shortcomings,’ the draft strategy notes.

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