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August 5, 2021

The second session of the baccalaureate – under the sign of fraud

After the fraud allegations that resulted in criminal cases and led to some persons being arrested during the summer session of the baccalaureate, fraud attempts were reported in connection to the written exams of the autumn session, that was held this week. According to the Ministry of Education, 81 candidates were eliminated on Wednesday from the compulsory profile test in the baccalaureate exam, because they were caught with written aids and electronic devices. Most candidates were eliminated in Bucharest (17) and in Constanta (11). But, in total, 34 candidates who came to take the written tests for the baccalaureate exam in Constanta County were eliminated from the examination room after the school inspectors established, based on video evidence, that the candidates have copied, the helping materials being given to them by the teachers in some cases. “The images showed that the graduate students had drafts and informative materials. Everything happened under the attentive supervision of the teachers who facilitated the fraud by lack of involvement”, the chief of the Constanta County School Inspectorate (ISJ), Raducu Popescu said, quoted by Mediafax. He said that five candidates who took the Romanian grammar and literature exam at the beginning of this week at the Economic High School in Mangalia, were asked to leave the exam room. Yet, Popescu mentioned that none of the five candidates said they had given money to the supervising teachers to be allowed to copy. According to him, a similar case was in the “Lazar Edeleanu” High School in Navodari, where 16 students who were taking the compulsory profile test in the baccalaureate exam, in the same examination room, were asked to leave the room after they had exchanged drafts, the informative materials being handed to them by the teachers. 13 candidates from the same class, who took the exam in the Technological High School “Dimitrie Leonida” in Constanta, were eliminated because they had copied, the fraud being proved yesterday morning, after analyzing the video evidence.
The chief of the Constanta ISJ said he will ask the Ministry of Education to exclude the teachers involved in these cases from the school system if this is legally possible. Currently the six supervising teachers from the three examination centers are investigated by a disciplinary committee inside the ISJ Constanta. Raducu Popescu said that “drastic measures” are going to be taken against them. At the same time, the Constanta General Anti-fraud Directorate (DGA) are investigating the case of a graduate student who was eliminated from the written test in Romanian grammar and literature, on Monday, after they have found her with helping materials and who said that she had given 50 lei to the supervising teachers to be let to use those materials.
And these are not all the problems. A 31 years old engineer in Arges County is investigated by the police for false identity, after he took the mathematics exam during the second session of the baccalaureate for a friend. The friend is under investigation, too. The chief of the Arges School Inspectotare, Florin Gardin, said that the supervising teachers did not realize the substitution and stated that the paper of the 31 years old man was cancelled.

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