Ponta Cabinet condemns Syria criminal acts

The Premier says that his Cabinet will show solidarity with the countries that asked for the respect of the international law in Syria. Some 100 Syrian nationals have protested yesterday in Bucharest against the regime of President Assad.

The Government of Romania firmly and without any hesitation condemns the criminal acts in Syria and it is its duty to display full solidarity with the states having called for and enforcing the observance of the international law, Prime Minister Victor Ponta said on Friday, after U.S. State Secretary John Kerry had announced the United States had evidence that the Syrian Government had used chemical weapons several times this year.
‘(…) I have taken note of the produced proof of the crimes committed against humanity in Syria by the governmental authorities or with their knowledge and given such a situation, the Romanian Government with absolute firmness and without any kind of hesitation condemns such acts – I repeat, crimes – against the humanity, against the civil population, against a significant number of children, of innocent people and it is the Romanian Government’s duty to display full solidarity with the states having called for and enforcing the observance of the international law,’ Ponta said quoted by Agerpres.
According to the premier, Romania hesitated too much before saying that Syria has an illegitimate and criminal regime, saying that ‘possibly there have been other interests too’ that prompted this indecision, interests that he is not aware off. Asked if he had consultations with president Traian Basescu regarding the situation in Syria, Ponta said No. “No, but certainly, with the first occasion, inside a CSAT (Defence Council) we will all state the Cabinet’s position. The decisions are taken according to the CSAT law and under specific circumstances, with the approval of the Parliament”.
He said he wasn’t informed about a possible CSAT meeting. On the other hand, the premier said that the Romanian authorities through the diplomatic and consular representatives had contacts with many Romanian nationals living in Syria. “We are in permanent communication, through the NATO structures but also bilaterally”.
Later on, Premier Victor Ponta together with the Liberal leader Crin Antonescu had several ironic remarks regarding the ‘dictator friends’. Speaking at the parliamentary groups reunion of USL, the premier stresses that the image of the Social Liberal Union was changed lately in the European perception. He thanked the PSD and PNL MEps for this progress,. “USL is a pro-European force as against others who have East-like dictatorial nostalgia and dictator friends somewhere in Syria. Crin (Antonescu) and I don’t have dictator friends”, Ponta said. He was completed by the PNL leader who said: “Victor has me… but outside the country, no one…”.
Some 100 Syrian national have protested Sunday in Bucharest against the regime in Damascus. The protesters gathered at Arcul de Triumf and then walked to Piata Charles de Gaulles.

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