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August 4, 2021

Holender: “Enescu” Festival, a symbol of the best of Romania

The official opening of the 21st edition of Enescu Festival took place
Sunday evening at Sala Palatului. The opening concert performed by pianist Radu Lupu and the orchestra Staatskapelle Berlin, conducted by Daniel Barenboim, was preceded by a press conference.

“The Enescu Festival is the lens by which Romania is perceived, a symbol of the best of Romania: art and culture”, artistic director of “George Enescu” International Festival Ioan Holender stated Sunday evening at a press conference. He also said the Festival “was one of the few events we can be proud of” and he thanked the Romanian people who, through their financial effort of paying taxes and fees, helped organise this show – one of the most prestigious world class cultural events organised in Romania – for another year. “I wish to thank those people who, through their work and persistence in this less than easy times, helped organise this festival; I am referring to the taxpayers, to whom I feel we must give something back for their sacrifice – a spiritual, inherently beautiful gift that makes life more bearable”, Holender stated.
The press conference was attended by the Minister of Culture Daniel Barbu, as well as mayor of Bucharest Sorin Oprescu, Festival Communications Director Oana Marinescu and the Chairman Managing Director of the Romanian Radio Broadcasting Company, Ovidiu Mirculescu. “This edition was thoroughly planned almost two years beforehand and Mr Holender is evidently the man to whom we must show gratitude for every aspect related to design and coordination”, Daniel Barbu stated in turn.
He also emphasized that “the energy and goodwill of many political figures” was necessary. “Mr Prime Minister Victor Ponta understood and was convinced from the very beginning of the importance of this event, unmatched within the Romanian cultural space for 50 years. Mr Mihai Constantinescu (ARTEXIM Director and organiser of Enescu Festival) made considerable efforts”, Barbu added.
In turn, mayor Sorin Oprescu thanked each and every person who has contributed and will contribute to organising this festival. “It is one of Bucharest’s most impressive brands. (…) I am glad we can inaugurate the statue made by sculptor Baraschi in the community of Bucharest. (…) I am also glad Piata Enescu will be full of musical events in the next 27 days”, Oprescu said. He also tried to make a promise, that the capital “will have another room like the Athenaeum” before the next year’s edition of the festival.
Asked if Enescu Festival will continue in 2015, considering the financial difficulties the event undergoes every year, Daniel Barbu emphasized that no one plans to give up such a “national treasure”. “Whoever the Minister of Culture will be or whoever will be in charge at Palatul Victoria, no one plans to diminish or let this treasure go to waste. We would like to add to it rather than cut back from it”, Daniel Barbu emphasized.
The Festival’s opening concert started around 7.30 p.m. with “Romanian Rhapsody No. 2 in D Major, op. 11” by George Enescu, “Concert No. 4 for piano and orchestra in G Major, op. 58” bgy L. van Beethoven and “Symphony No. 2 in E Flat Major, op. 63” by E. Elgar interpreted by pianist Radu Lupu and the orchestra Staatskapelle Berlin, conducted by Daniel Barenboim. At Sunday’s press conference, Ioan Holenderr wanted to publicly thank him for having convinced Radu Lupu to come plat in Bucharest.
The 21st edition of “Geroge Enescu” Festival held in Bucharest, as well as other towns in the country (Arad, Bacau, Brasov, Cluj, Iasi, Oradea, Sibiu and Timisoara) ends on 28 September. The 2013 edition of the Festival offers the audience a unique cultural mix designed to shine the spotlight on Romanian composer George Enescu, as well as other famous composers such as Richard Wagner, Giuseppe Verdi and Benjamin Britten – commemorated this year -, Schoenberg, Mahler, Beethoven and many others.
The International “George Enescu” Festival is the most important international cultural event to be organised in Romania that offers a unique cultural mix expressed by George Enescu’s, as well as other renowned composers’, musical compositions interpreted by world known orchestras. According to the organisers, “George Enescu” Festival is currently a country brand that transforms the capital into a creative city for its duration, through happenings, plastic arts and urban design works, exhibitions and outdoors concerts, some of which are organised by or with support from the festival team, while others are organised by companies or non-governmental organisations and artist who wanted to become involved in the project.
It is worth mentioning that due to budgetary constraints, the “George Enescu” International Competition, usually part of the “George Enescu” Festival, will only be held next year and the festival will take place alternately every two years.

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