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June 26, 2022

Ambassador Werner Hans Lauk: Economic potential of Romania must be presented in Germany

Germany’s new Ambassador in Bucharest Werner Hans Lauk on Tuesday, described the Romanian-German economic relations as ‘extraordinary,’ but added that the economic life in Romania ‘is not always under a clear sky’, Agerpres informs.
The diplomat told a meeting with the members of the Romanian-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry that the economic relations between the two countries were an essential field of the bilateral cooperation, which leads to ‘prosperity for both sides.’ ‘If we are to consider the whole range of the Romanian-German economic relations, they are in an extraordinary position. Germany holds the first place when it comes to imports and exports to Romania and is a significant investor in this country. German products are highly appreciated, German quality standards are regarded as optimal and the Romania-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry has the capacity to represent your interests,’ the Ambassador told the businessmen. He assured the members of the Romanian-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry that, during his term in office in Bucharest, he would treat their interests with responsibility. ‘As you know, the economic life in Romania is not always under a clear sky. What matters are the legal conditions, the place where investments are made and many of you might wonder why it still necessary for the German Ambassador to concern himself with the economic relations. … First, something that it quite familiar to you from your daily life: all that glitters is not gold. And I gather that many of you have much difficulty in the place where they work in Romania. Some of you encounter bureaucratic problems, infrastructure ones or problems of a social and political kind, which can affect a sound undertaking … and they need support,’ the Ambassador also told them and assured the members of the Romanian-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry that he would be by their side in solving the problems they faced. Referring to the positive aspects of the economic cooperation, he said that the ‘successful stories written’ by businessmen did not always match Romania’s image in Germany.
Werner Hans Lauk started his mandate in Bucharest in July, succeeding Andreas von Mettenheim as Ambassador.

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