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December 3, 2021

Macovei slams PNL

MEP and PDL member Monica Macovei believes that by sending Ovidiu Silaghi to represent Romania in the European Parliament (EP), PNL “is betraying the interests of the nation” while “disrespecting the European Parliament”.
“By sending Silaghi to the European Parliament, PNL is betraying the interests of the nation because what Romanian citizens want is to be respected in the European Union; they don’t want to be represented by politicians who are suspected of corruption and trying to flee from justice by becoming part of the European Parliament”, Monica Macovei stated in a press release issued yesterday by Mediafax.
Macovei also said that “in sticking to their slogan «Together in the name of corruption», PNL are ensuring immunity for Ovidiu Silaghi, the former Ministry of Transport for whom prosecutors are requesting that criminal investigations for influence peddling be initiated”.
“PNL is disrespecting the European Parliament, acting like it were a cave where politicians who have problems with the law go to hide. PSD did the same by not firmly asking for Adrian Severin’s resignation from the European Parliament after he embarrassed us by being caught on videotape as he exchanged the support of amendments for money”, the MEP and PDL member added.
PNL Chairman Crin Antonescu stated Tuesday that Ovidiu Silaghi and Eduard Hellvig resigned from the Chamber of Deputies to go to the PE, thus filling in the vacancies left by Cristian Busoi and Ramona Manescu.

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