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July 23, 2021

Tensions between USL Sibiu and Alba over regionalization

The new form of Romania’s regionalization, featuring 10 regions instead of 8, is starting to create new tensions within USL, HotNews.ro inform. According to the aforementioned source, one of the stakes consists of the seat of the region made up of the Sibiu, Alba and Hunedoara counties. Ioan Cindrea (PSD), the president of the Sibiu County Council, has stated that Sibiu should be the seat of the region. “The possibility that Alba Iulia will be the regional seat has gone out the window the moment the Alba authorities refused to take part in the debate organized almost two months ago with Minister Liviu Dragnea. In order to win you have to participate!” Cindrea stated. He added that “in the region Sibiu is a known and recognized seat.” “The decision to establish this region comes on the heels of a very thorough analysis conducted by experts, including the Romanian Academy. Sibiu, Alba and Hunedoara have a historical communion. We have the same folk costume, we have the same songs, same dances… this community was born on clear scientific criteria,” the Social-Democrat pointed out. Florin Roman (PNL), the Vice President of the Alba County Council, accuses his USL colleague that he “grossly misinforms.” “The meeting in Sibiu was attended by me, as well as MPs and mayors from Alba County, and they weren’t few in number. Although the invitation was belated, received in the evening, we answered positively out of courtesy and good neighbourliness,” the Liberal said, pointing out that the meeting in Sibiu was allegedly nothing but a formality.

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