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The exhibition dorner|dani|dans signed by Willi Dorner/ Bodies in urban spaces (Austria) and Dani Ionita/ Dancing Bucharest – human playful bodies (Romania) is a living prologue to the Austrian Dance Days, organized by the Austrian Cultural Forum in Bucharest. It brings together two visions on the relation between the urban space and the human body. The opening of the exhibition which will take place on 9th September, 19.00 h at the Odeon Theatre  will be a meeting between the art of photography and the art of dance: the artists Ioana Marchidan, Andrea Gavriliu, Istvan Teglas and Stefan Lupu will act within the exhibition as embodiments of the meanings conveyed by the photographs exposed by Dani Ionita and Willi Dorner.
The significance that we can read in the exibition, in the seeming stillness of the photographed image and the moving bodies would be: in this contemporaneity when everything in the city is about meaningless speed, consumerist purposes, about inhabiting an arhitecture that no longer speaks to us, the function of art, especially of the one that deals with images and bodies is to regain the poetics of the city. Photography grasps the essence of the city in a way that the common eye forgot to do it. The bodies of the dancers inhabit the space like flesh-and-blood metaphors. This kind of  encounter between the city and the body leaves behind the void that we often feel as inhabitants of big cities. The urban space and the dancing bodies meet in the light that the eyes of the photographers catch and creates at the same time. The dance becomes thus the medium where the urban metaphors are born.
The exhibition speaks to us about this possibility of the body to generate the sense of an authentic way of dwelling the contemporary city. The images seem to stand still, but inside of them there is a lot of movement. The bodies move in the stillness of the image, also in the hidden movement of the metaphor. Photography and dance cannot be split anylonger: they are sides of the same reality that speaks about our very condition as human beings nowadays.
On 7th October, 20.00 h,  the exhibition will be closed in a significant way, with  Dance a Playful Body (by Andreea Novac, performed by Istvan Teglas) a one man show which  reveals endless possibilities of the performative body.

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