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December 1, 2020

Police officers protest against Ministry of Internal Affairs

Over ten police officers protested on Wednesday in front of the Ministry of Internal Affairs headquarters. Their demands mostly referred to amending an in-house order on travelling expenses, rents or the disciplinary investigation procedure for police officers. The protesters marched with banners displaying messages such as “We are not mobsters. But we are being run by mobsters”, “Remember, Radu Stroe! You don’t own the police!”, “We want a European law for the Romanian police force” or “We are the prisoners of our incompetence”. “It’s about the law, honour and dignity, not money”, one of the protesters told HotNews.ro.
Police officers claim their discontent is beyond bearable, their jobs are unstable and the work schedule is not being followed. “The protest will cease only when Minister Radu Stroe amends Order 136/2005 of the M.A.I. (Ministry of Internal Affairs), so as to provide police officers with travelling expense deductions of 7.5 litres of fuel for every 100 kilometres, as well as Order 400/2004 of M.A.I., so as to prevent police officers from being subject to disciplinary investigations unrelated to the job”, a press release issued by the National Union of Police Agencies noted.

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