Ponta, Basescu, Dragnea and Antonescu, accused of ethnic discrimination

Szekely National Council (CNS) denounced at the National Council for Fighting Against Discrimination (CNCD) President Traian Basescu, PM Victor Ponta, Vice-Premier Liviu Dragnea and the president of the Senate Crin Antonescu for discrimination on ethnic grounds after they have opposed a region with predominantly Hungarian population, a press release quoted by Mediafax informs.
According to the press release, Izsak Balazs, the president of the organization, addressed a petition to CNCD “in the name of the Szekely people” asking for “legal measures to be taken” after the statements some of the politicians had about regionalization. “The statement that there will be no region where the majority of population will be Hungarian (…) means that they plan to have, in all the administrative regions, a Romanian majority, that is they want the Hungarian population to be a minority in all regions. If these plans are put into practice, on the one hand Romania would violate a number of international commitments and on the other hand the Romanian citizens of Hungarian nationality would be clearly discriminated”, the CNS president says in the press release.
He added that the mentioned politicians try to mask “these tendencies” pleading that there are “alleged economic causes”, without providing any relevant arguments in this regard and the emphasis “is always on the idea that they cannot accept a region with a largely Hungarian population”. Balazs urges the Council to ascertain that it is an aggravating fact that those complained against are the country’s leaders themselves and he insists that such a situation calls for the punishment ‘to be very clear and firm’. ‘For the Szekler people, moreover, such reorganization means an opportunity to regain those rights having been taken away from them at the administrative-territorial reorganization from 1968, namely that the territory inhabited by them should make up an administrative-territorial unit by itself. Ever since the administrative reorganization has become a topical issue, the Szeklers’ representatives have repeatedly and publicly expressed this wish and the assertion that no region will be organized where the Hungarian population is to form a majority comes from the above-mentioned politicians in answer to such wish. This means that, in accordance with their plans, all the administrative regions will have prevailing Romanian population, i.e. it is purposefully sought that the Hungarian population should be a minority in all the regions’, Balazs stressed.
The petition was filed by Izsak Balazs in Hungarian and he asked CNCD to allow him to speak Hungarian during a possible hearing.

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