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September 25, 2022

MRU: The Civic Force will give the next President of Romania

The Civic Force and PNTCD signed, on Saturday, a protocol with the Liberal Romania Initiative for its entering the Alliance for Truth and Justice, the leaders of the two parties saying that they will have sole presidential candidate and candidates in the elections for the European Parliament.

The President of the Civic Force (FC), Mihai Razvan Ungureanu, said on Saturday, in the National Council of the party, that FC would have parliamentarians in the EP and would ”give the next President of Romania”. “We will have MPs in the European Parliament and yes, this party will give the next President of Romania ! This is our duty !”, Ungureanu said to the representatives of FC, gathered at the Parliament Palace. He also said that nobody expected a party which started “from very low”” to grow vigorously, to live and to exist”. Ungureanu said that the Civic Force would like to have a different legislation for the political parties, which should make the expenses of the parties transparent.
Also, Mihai Razvan Ungureanu saluted the presence at the National Council of FC of the European Parliament MP Cristian Preda, saying that he is a founding member of the Civic Center-Right Initiative.
Last, but not least, the Civic Force and PNTCD signed, on Saturday, a protocol with the Liberal Romania Initiative to include it in the Alliance for Truth and Justice. From the Liberal Romania Initiative (IRL), Vlad Moisescu, the president of the association, the Mayor of the first district, Andrei Chiliman and deputy Diana Tusa were present. Together with the FC and PNTCD leaders, Mihai Razvan Ungureanu and Aurelian Pavelescu, they spoke about the necessity to reunite the right forces. Mihai Razvan Ungureanu presented the IRL leaders as “old friends” who “have proved that one can distance oneself from evil by doing good”, referring to the fact that they left PNL. The president of IRL, Vlad Moisescu, said that he has found in the Alliance for Truth and Justice all the necessary resources to give the right-wing Romanians the hope that their interests are represented and he said that, in his opinion, the creating of the Alliance for Truth and Justice in its new formula represents “a huge step towards the unification of the right”.
Moisescu said that IRL remains an association and it will not become a party, but it will be involved in the revival of the PNTCD, and that the project of Mihai Razvan Ungureanu is the project of this association too. “The goal is still to have a common list, under the PPE logo in the EP elections, a sole candidate in the presidential elections in 2014 and the building of a force that is able to win the local and general elections in 2016”, Moisescu said.
In turn, Aurelian Pavelescu, PNTCD leader, said that he wants to send an invitation to dialogue to the PDL president Vasile Blaga, to come “to the discussions table, because this is the political interest, the interest of the right-wing electorate”.

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