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January 28, 2022

Udrea: PDL does not grow in the polls because it has distanced itself from Basescu

“Any candidate for the Presidency who is not backed by President Basescu will be a failure”, the PDL deputy says.

PDL deputy Elena Udrea said in an interview for “Evenimentul Zilei” that PDL needs the chief of state and that PDL does not grow in the polls because it has distanced itself from Traian Basescu. “Ever since the President said goodbye to PDL, we have had two different political trends. Traian Basescu grew in the polls spectacularly, almost permanently. Now he has the trust of 26 percent of the population, and is on the rise. (…) On the other hand, PDL has between 14 percent and 18 percent, and the leaders of the party have only half of the trust percentage of the President. (…) Because of this distancing, we fail to benefit from this increase in the polls of the President, the only electoral engine of the Romanian right-wing parties since the Revolution”, said the democrat-liberal. She considers, at the same time, that any candidate of the center-right, who is not endorsed by the Traian Basescu, will fail. “We need the President as we need air, in the perspective of the elections”, is the opinion of Udrea. Asked about the role she sees fit for  Basescu after the presidential elections, the deputy says that she cannot see him as a simple party member. . “This does not mean that I don’t still consider him one of the great political personalities of Romania (…) I count on the leadership of the party to manage this situation”, Udrea said.
Regarding the fact that PDL still does not have a viable candidate for the presidential elections next year, Elena Udrea says that there are no saving solutions inside or outside PDL. “I do not believe in the coming of a political Messiah who can win alone or even help the party. No matter how much we want a politician like Traian Basescu, such people are very rare and I think that PDL does not have at this moment such a person”, she said, adding however that Razvan Ungureanu, Vasile Blaga, Emil Boc, Monica Macovei or Cristian Preda are possible candidates, provided that all the center-right forces are reunited into one single project. Udrea considers that currently, the center-right looks bad, “is fragmented, tormented by frustrations and vanities, has leaders full of pride who are ready to sacrifice the future of their parties and the voters (…) only to fulfill petty personal plans”. “The solution is one single party: big, powerful, able, together with Traian Basescu, to win over USL. Until the presidential election, PNL can join us, if they change the current pro-PSD political option. (…) I think that the future of the Romanian right are PDL, the People’s Movement Party, and the Civic Force together. PDL is the party around which the center-right pole should be created, but this cannot be achieved if they are arrogant”, Udrea considers. She admits she has recently had a meeting with Razvan Ungureanu and that they agreed on a reunification of the right.
As for her own political intentions, the former advisor of President Basescu says that she will not leave PDL and that her relationship to the current leadership is “natural and correct”, even if there are differences sometimes. About her candidature for the leadership of the party or even for presidency, Udrea says that these are out of question for the time being.

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