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June 28, 2022

Crin Antonescu: “I am the Leader of the Opposition”

If he became President of Romania, Crin Antonescu would not refuse to appoint Traian Basescu as Prime Minister, on the condition that Traian Basescu’s party or parties win Parliamentary elections. The PNL leader made these statements Sunday evening for Digi 24. Asked who the current leader of the opposition is, Antonescu replied: “That would still be me. But the opposition is not in the government, the opposition has the power”, emphasizing that “We are governing, we have Parliamentary majority, but we do not have the power. By we, I mean me and PNL, at least. I suppose it applies to others as well…”
At the same TV show, Antonescu brought the subject of the investigations being conducted on PNL Ministers by ANI (the National Integrity Agency) and DNA (the National Anticorruption Directorate) back into focus, saying that the two institutions’ “scope of activity” seems to be PNL. “(…) if there are people with problems in PNL, let them be put under investigation, trialled, proven. I cannot and I will not consider them guilty until they have been definitively proven to be guilty and I cannot ignore the fact that these institutions are targeting certain people. I am not saying ‘Jesus, give Liberals a break!’ or ‘attack wherever you suspect there is a case of corruption (…) and give answers’. Those institutions are not giving any answers and that’s precisely what I need, answers,” Antonescu said.
He pointed out that, being chairman of the Senate, he was able to see Varujan Vosganian’s file, also a member of PNL who is up for analysis by the Judicial Commission; the contents of the file did not show that the Minister of Economy acted “covertly”.
We remind our readers that, at the start of last week, the chief of DIICOT (Directorate for Investigating Organized Crime and Terrorism) requested the general prosecutor to notify the Senate and the Head of State, respectively, on the requests to initiate criminal proceedings on the former Ministers of Economy Varujan Vosganian and Adriean Videanu for supporting businessman Ioan Niculaie and using Romgaz to serve Interagro’s interests.
About the former Minister of Transport Ovidiu Silaghi (PNL), the chairman of the Senate stated the latter “is perfectly innocent” until proven guilty and he is a citizen with rights.

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