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March 23, 2023

Health Minister announces major changes for resident doctors

In an interview with the weekly “Viata medicala” , the minister detailed the changes which will be made in the status of resident doctors according to the draft emergency ordinance.

The specialized examination that resident doctors have at the end of the residency training will become nationwide, announced the Health Minister Eugen Nicolaescu in an interview published by the weekly “Viata medicala” (Medical life). The draft emergency ordinance which will bring more changes in the status of the resident doctors has been finalized by the Ministry of Health and allows the accreditation of other centers of residency training except for the university.
At least theoretically, the project developed by the Ministry of Health enables the resident doctors to be employed with work contract in a clinic (including a private one) even during residency . “The resident doctor, when he finishes the module head to tail, he will be able to get free practice on that field. This way, the resident doctor will be able to make examintations and carry on guards on his specialty,” said the Health Minister.
“This way the revenue of that resident doctor will increase for the work he performs, but under supervision. He will be able to practice and to have a partial employment contract providing services on that special area,” said Eugen Nicolaescu.
Asked whether the resident physicians will be able to get a job on that specialty also in a private clinic, the Health Minister has confirmed, adding that “I am particularly interested in the public hospitals. The resident doctor will be able to work in an outpatient hospital, for example. Hopefully, in this way, we will cover some weak areas in the first stage.” According to the draft emergency ordinance, the resident physicians will also be able to effectuate, starting their third year of residency training, paid guards.
The specialty exam that resident physicians are taking when completing the residency training and that settles their quality of specialist doctor, will no longer be supported in each academic center, but nationalwide “in order to have an assessment, an estimation of how the training has been done,” said the Minister of Health. For each specialty, the exam will be held in maximum 2 academic centers, except for the family medicine, for which the limit is 4 academic centers . The changes will be implemented starting October 2014.
The preparation for the residency training will continue to be the responsibility of the Ministry of Health.
The training of the resident doctors will be handled also by other clinical centers except for the universitary ones, if they will be eligible for accreditation.
The draft emergency ordinance on the status of the resident doctors will be in public debate until October 6, 2013.

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