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October 24, 2021

Oradea: One-year-old child dies and twin brother is in critical condition due to unidentified virus

While on holiday with their family in Bulgaria and northern Moldavia, a one-year-and-one month-old child in Beius died and his twin brother is in critical condition at a hospital in Oradea, from which he was transferred to Bucharest. Doctors suspect they were infected with a yet unidentified virus.
According to doctors at the “Dr. Gavril Curteanu” Municipal Hospital in Oradea, the Beius family had spent a week at Nisipurile de Aur resort in Bulgaria and visited the monasteries in northern Moldavia for two days afterwards, returning home last Tuesday. In the evening, one of the children started feeling ill, showing symptoms of asthmatic bronchitis.
“One of the children was admitted immediately on Wednesday at the Episcope Nicolae Popovici Municipal Hospital in Beius, but suffered an apnoea episode followed by cardiac arrest that night. He was resuscitated by my colleagues in Beius and was prepared to be transferred to the Municipal Hospital in Oradea, but he suffered two other cardiac arrests and finally died Thursday night at the hospital in Beius”, doctor Ritli Ladislau at the “Dr. Gavril Curteanu” Municipal Hospital in Oradea stated yesterday for Mediafax. According to him, the other child started manifesting the same symptoms several hours after his brother’s death and parents called the ambulance, which transported him to Oradea, where he was taken over by the Emergency Reception Department. A medical team led by former Health Minister Ritli Ladislau took over the case until it was decided to transfer the child by helicopter to the “Grigore Alexandrescu” Hospital in Bucharest. According to Ladislau, experts in Bucharest have started a thorough investigation to find the exact cause of the second child’s illness and his brother’s death, but the pathogen factor has not been identified yet.

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