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December 1, 2021

PDL Bucharest is collecting signatures for of Mayor Sorin Oprescu’s dismissal

PDL Bucharest began collecting signatures for general mayor Sorin Oprescu’s dismissal, according to a press release sent by the party. In addition, the PDL counselors in the Bucharest General Council (CGMB) rethought their decision to resign. They are now waiting the decision of the National Permanent Bureau. That, after on Sunday, Adriean Videanu said that the local elected officials of PDL will resign from CGMB because they no longer want to endorse “the administrative incompetence” of the mayor of Bucharest, Sorin Oprescu. PDL Bucharest started the campaign to collect signatures for Oprescu’s dismissal as mayor of Bucharest. For PDL Bucharest, the priorities are the serious problems the people of Bucharest have, which have been ignored and despised for the last 6 years, since the mayor of Bucharest is Sorin Oprescu, both by the mayor and by the entire USL administration in the capital. The first step towards the solving of the problems of the population of Bucharest and towards bringing back Bucharest among the European capitals is the dismissal of the USL exponent,” the press release reads.

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