Turkish sailors abandoned in Constanta Sud – Agigea Port without food or water

Eleven sailors (10 Turks and 1 Egyptian) have been abandoned on board a ship in Constanta Sud – Agigea Port and have not received their wages for over three months. They are to contact representatives of the International Transport Federation in case they run out of food and water. The eleven sailors are part of the crew of Kusva 1, a ship under the flag of the Cook Islands and abandoned for over a month in Dana 109 of Constanta Sud – Agigea Port. They have asked for help from ITF (the International Transport Federation). ITF representative in Romania Adrian Mihalciociu stated the ship has been in Constanta Sud – Agigea Port for a month and the crew has enough food for several more days. “For now, the food they purchased from the ship agent in Constanta and paid for themselves will last them several more days – today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. After that, we will see what happens,” Mihalcioiu stated, as cited by Mediafax. The ITF representative also said the sailors have not been paid for three months and are owed approximately USD 50,000. If an agreement is not reached with the ship-owner, the ship may be sold.

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