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May 18, 2021

John Malkovich, an extraordinary performance in the Enescu Festival

John Malkovich, the American actor who played the role of the narrator in the production “The Infernal Comedy: Confessions of a Serial Killer”, played on Monday at the Romanian Athenaeum in Bucharest, during the “George Enescu” Festival, said after the show that the role allowed him to experiment and “stay curious and fresh”. “Each show is different, because theatre is a living entity that lives forever. Therefore I played an opera show, with 26 singers and each one is different, their interpretations are different and the audience is different every time. It was a beautiful show and the audience was great !”, John Malkovich said, quoted by Mediafax. Speaking about the character he plays, Jack who returned from the dead, ready to tell about his life, Malkovich said that he is a person who likes and gets enthusiastic about the pain he causes. The famous actor also said that he did not feel he was in any way changed since the beginning of this project: “I have simply stayed curious and open to the world, and that allowed me to experiment something that my colleagues and my friends could not really understand, but this way you grow and stay fresh”.
At the beginning of the press conference, the conductor Martin Haselbock declared that the members of the Orchester Wiener Akademie were very impressed by the wonderful audience they had during the Enescu Festival.
According to the site of the festival, the show “The Infernal Comedy: Confessions of a Serial Killer” had the premiere in 2006, in Los Angeles, the text being written especially for John Malkovich. The American actor is the narrator and the only character in the epic story and the play is a musical with arias from famous composers – Antonio Vivaldi, Joseph Haydn, W. A. Mozart, L. van Beethoven – interpreted by the chamber orchestra Wiener Akademie, conducted by Martin Haselbock and by sopranos Laura Aikin and Marie Arnet. The real story that inspired the play is both tragic and exciting. Johann “Jack” Unterweger was an Austrian serial killer who murdered by strangulation at least ten prostitutes in several countries – Germany, Austria, Czechoslovakia and the U.S. He was sentenced for his crimes in 1974. In the 15 years of prison, he wrote his autobiography and several plays, this being one of the reasons for his releasing in 1990, following a campaign of the Austrian intellectuals and politicians, who credited him as an example of rehabilitation. After his release, he began a journalistic career, but after only a few months he began killing again in the United States and was arrested and sentenced to death. He committed suicide in prison, on July 29, 1994.

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