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January 18, 2021

Romania sued by EC for the internal electricity and gas market

The European Committee has sued Romania for an incomplete implementation of the EU rules regarding the doemstic electricity and gas market and the files got to the European Justice Court, HotNews.ro informs. There are two cases, one connected to the electricity, the other to gas and the complaints reached the court in July 17, 2013. HotNews informs that the accusations are serious because according to the European Commission, as plaintiff, Romania broke many of the obligations all the member states assumed in order to transpose Directive 72/2009 regarding the electricity market and Directive 73/2009 regarding the gas market. The Commission requested the Court to ask Romania to pay penalties of over 60,000 Euros per day (over 22 million Euros per year) and costs. More serious is that the Romanian authorities have not taken any measures since March 2013 when they were warned that Romania will be sued until July, when the files got to Court.

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