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August 6, 2021

The referendum for the killing of stray dogs was canceled

“I do not know if the humanely killing of dogs is the best solution, but the life of people had to come first,” PM Victor Ponta said.Given that Tuesday it was adopted the stray dogs’ euthanasia law, the mayor of Bucharest, Sorin Oprescu, announced that the local referendum on the issue will not take place anymore. Yesterday, the cancellation of the decision on the organization of the referendum was approved by the General Council of Bucharest (CGMB). The revocation of CGMB decision from September 6th regarding the local referendum for the stray dogs’ euthanasia was voted by the majority of the general advisers present at yesterday’s meeting. PPDD’s group of advisors left the courtroom before the voting.
Oprescu also stated yesterday, after the revocation of the referendum, that animal lovers should not be worried because currently the dogs are only gathered from the streets.
Also yesterday, Prime Minister Ponta said he did not know if the law adopted by the Parliament for the euthanasia of stray dogs is the best solution, but it is clear that between the life of a dog and that of a person had to be chosen the latter, the law foreseeing also the adoption of dogs or keeping them in shelters. “The Parliament adopted the law referring to the stray dogs. I do not know if it is the best solution. But I do know one thing: that, obviously, it had to be taken a decision, and that, obviously, between the life of a child or of a human being and dogs, we must choose the life of people and that the dogs’ place is not on the street,” said Ponta , at the beginning of the Government’s meeting. He added that the adopted bill foresees the alternatives of keeping the dogs in shelters or their adoption, and in a reasonable term, the phenomenon could be reduced to some acceptable limits.
On the other hand, Brigitte Bardot Foundation studies all possible appeals at national and European level to prevent the “murder” of stray dogs. “While the investigation has not made light yet on the factual circumstances of the dramatic accident, the Romanian Parliament is blindly and precipitately responding to president Traian Basescu’s wish to kill the stray dogs in Romania,” the foundation said, referring to the death of a child aged four years, bitten to death by some stray dogs in Bucharest.
A four year old child died, at the beginning of this month, after being attacked by stray dogs, near Tei Park in Bucharest, and his six years old brother was bitten by a leg, but managed to run and call their grandmother.
“Everywhere in the world the sterilization campaigns have had success, but Romania is an exception, thousands of dogs are killed here and the survivors reproduce so their killing continues indefinitely,” accuses the Foundation on its Internet site.
“The law passed in Parliament can still be appealed before its promulgation, so Brigitte Bardot Foundation will take into consideration all possible appeals at national and European level as this arbitrary text threatens all dogs in Romania and does not solve anything on long term,” adds the text.
“Many cities in the world have populations of stray dogs. At Santiago de Chile there are about 500,000 stray dogs in a population of six million inhabitants, according to official data. But in order to reduce the overpopulation of dogs, the authorities preferred to privilege the sterilization, the adoption and to advice the owners to become more responsible,” concludes the foundation.

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