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August 12, 2022

Domestic brands are 25 pc of total brands eligible for Superbrand 2013

The first phase of this year’s edition of Superbrands Romania, assessment and market research, has ended and the competition is on-going. Approximately 300 brands from 52 product and service categories are qualified to compete for Romania’s Superbrand at the sixth edition of the Superbrands program, a press release reports.
The 15 leading brands at the 2013 Superbrands competition are: Pampers, Mercedes-Benz, Dr. Oetker, BMW, Ariel, National Geographic Channel, Samsung, Gillette, Bosch, Audi, Antena 1, Pro TV, Facebook, Discovery Channel, Nivea.
The group of 15 brands considered Superbrands by Romanians is dominated by German brands with an excellent world reputation. Mercedes – Benz, BMW and Dr. Oetker take the first three positions, the same as in past editions. The Procter & Gamble Company is responsible for three of the Superbrand leaders: Pampers, Ariel and Gilette.
Local brands are still preferred by Romanian consumers, as approximately 25% of the validated Superbrands are Romanian. This category includes: Antena 1, PRO TV, BCR, Banca Transilvania, Catena, Borsec, Napolact, Timisoreana, Plafar, Ursus, Scandia Sibiu, eMag, Dedeman, Bunica, Radio Zu.
The economic categories best represented on the list of Romanian validated Superbrands are: media, the auto industry, financial services, technologies, telecommunications, electronics and electrical household appliances, personal care, pharmacies and drinks. The oil and gas industry and the major shopping centers are economic categories that are not included on the list of Superbrands. This year’s edition also offers a cultural interpretation of the results, in addition to validating the brands eligible for Superbrand status. The main aspects that influence Romanians’ perception on brand performance are: trust, leadership, vitality, of which the last two are specific.

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