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March 21, 2023

FM Corlatean: Ukraine faces ‘most complex trials’ before Eastern Partnership Summit; we are solidary

Agreement reached on the opening of a Romanian Language lecturer’s office at the Cernauti University.

Ukraine faces ‘most complex trials’ before the Eastern Partnership Summit, which will be held in November, in Vilnius, and Romania is solider with the states that might be affected by the restrictive measures imposed by Russia, Romanian Minister of Foreign Affairs Titus Corlatean told a joint press conference given together with his Ukrainian counterpart Leonid Kozhara on Friday. The statement made by the Romanian chief diplomat comes in the context in which Russia imposed an embargo on some products of the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine, a measure that is regarded as a form of economic pressure on these ex-Soviet states, which make efforts to come closer to the European Union.
In context Corlatean stated again ‘Romania’s constant, consistent support for carrying out the process of Ukraine’s political association and economic integration with the European Union for liberalizing the visa regime for its citizens.’
‘We encourage Ukraine to maintain a sustained pace in this reform process, related to the exigencies, to the aspects discussed during the dialogue between the EU and Ukraine. We hope that Ukraine’s agenda of association with the EU will be fulfilled and in this context we hope that they will meet the conditions for signing the association agreement between Ukraine and the EU at the Eastern Partnership Summit due in Vilnius, this November,’ added the Romanian chief diplomat.
He admitted that ‘it is not a very comfortable context,’ referring to ‘most complex trials for Kiev, with a potential economic impact, even a direct one as the Vilnius Summit draws near.’
‘But the Eastern Partnership was conceived in logic of cooperation, of extending the economic benefits of the EU on the basis of a space of common values and of the rule of law. Any representations associating it with some competitions can only be regrettable,’ said the Romanian official.
Corlatean also stressed the fact that the European route of Ukraine was a ‘sovereign decision’ and must be observed by all international players.
‘The EU, both through the agency of High Representative Catherine Ashton, on behalf of all member states, therefore on behalf of Romania too, on the basis of the talks we held, but also in the European Parliament, said very recently that any form of pressure that might be politically motivated in order to change the sovereign, legitimate will of the EU partner states in the Eastern Partnership is an unacceptable form,’ added Titus Corlatean. He said that last week he requested the European Commission and European chief diplomat Catherine Ashton to find ‘very rapidly’ a formula of support, of assistance and financial compensations for the states affected by the restrictive measures imposed by Russia.
Ukrainian chief diplomat Leonid Kozhara said in his turn that Ukraine openly proclaimed its road to European integration and that it held talks about this subject with all sides, ‘the Russian side included.’ ‘At present all problems connected to the customs questions as such with Russia are solved. Goods from Ukraine cross Russia’s customs border. There are some more technical questions as the customs norms of the Customs Union and those customs norms Ukraine adopts are a little different. I still hope that, considering our special relations with Russia, we shall solve these problems too in a constructive manner,’ said Leonid Kozhara.
Romania’s Foreign Minister Titus Corlatean also announced on Friday that Ukraine has voiced agreement on the opening of a Romanian Language lecturer’s office at the Cernauti University. The two ministers signed a schedule for consultations between the foreign ministries of the two countries in the years 2013-2014. Another topic discussed by the two ministers was the finalisation of negotiations over the small border traffic agreement.
In an interview published yesterday by ‘Romania libera,’ the Ukrainian Minister of Foreign Affairs hints that he does not oppose the idea launched by President Traian Basescu about the Republic of Moldova’s unification with Romania. Asked to comment the statements of the Romanian president, if he believes this as possible in the future and in what conditions would Ukraine agree to such a move, the head of the Ukrainian diplomacy answered: “Determining the level of bilateral relations represents a sovereign right of the Republic of Moldova and of Romania. At the same time, it becomes evident the fact that, with Moldova going its own course of European integration, there will be a process of deepening the relations of R. of Moldova with Romania and with other countries of the European Union.”

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