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July 31, 2021

Tens of thousands protest labour reforms in Poland

Polish workers have taken to the streets of Warsaw in mass protests against the pro-market government’s labor policies. Prime Minister Donald Tusk’s popularity has plunged as Poland’s once robust economy has weakened. At least 100,000 workers marched through Warsaw on Saturday in protest against Prime Minister Tusk’s labor reforms, which have raised the retirement age, placed some private pension funds under state control, and lengthened the work week, Deutsche Welle reports.
Led by the iconic Solidarity trade union and the All-Poland Alliance of Trade Unions (OPZZ), workers from across Poland have descended on the capital to participate in the demonstrations, which began four days ago. Some protesters have pitched camp in front of parliament since Wednesday. “We want pensions at the age of 65 as before and not at the age of 67 as Tusk’s reform would have it,” said Marek Lewandowski, a spokesman for Solidarity. “We want better social policy and guarantees for employees.”  The trade union is calling on the government to raise the minimum wage and public sector wages as well as bolster job security, particularly for Poland’s youth.

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