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December 1, 2022

Ultimate floods’ balance: 39 localities affected and 6,000 people evacuated

PM Ponta gave assurances that as soon as the waters withdraw, the Government will provide all that’s necessary in order to rebuild the roads and houses.

The floods that took place lately in Galati county left the area in a total mess. Over 6,000 people were evacuated and nearly 1,800 houses were affected by the floods that took place during the past few days in 39 localities from Galati County, reveals a new report presented at the County Committee for Emergency Situations. According to the report on the floods produced lately in Galati during which nine people lost their lives, 35 houses were completely destroyed. The report further shows that National Road No 25 was blocked in Vames village, 11 county roads and 463 bridges were flooded and 3,042 hectares of farmland were also affected by the floods.
Prime Minister Victor Ponta on Friday stated, while in the Cuca locality (Galati County) – a locality affected by the freshet in the past two days – that as soon as the waters withdraw, the government will provide the necessary construction materials for the rebuilding of the roads and houses.
“I came here to tell the people and mayors that, as soon as the waters withdraw, we are coming with the construction materials to rebuild the roads and houses. I see here hardworking people, I can see that everybody is working and the soldiers also help. We won’t abandon these people, we will help them, but right now this moment is very difficult,” Victor Ponta said. The Prime Minister visited several houses in the Cuca locality, encouraged the people and promised to help them. Upon request from the locality mayor 20-30 more soldiers will come to help in the area.
In Cuca there is also a water filtering installation with a capacity of 500 liters to provide the people with the water they need while their fountains are impracticable.
Also on Friday, PM Ponta attended the meeting of the Committee for Emergency Situations in Galati, during which they made an assessment of the situation in the places that were affected by floods in the past two days. The Premier thanked the representatives of the Government and the local authorities for the way they got involved in organizing the actions during the calamities in the past few days. Victor Ponta was informed by Vice-Premier Gabriel Oprea, by Minister for Informational Society Dan Nica and by Minister Delegate for Waters, Forestry and Fish Breeding Lucia Varga of the situation in the areas affected by floods and the measures that were taken to prevent other predicted weather events and phenomena. Victor Ponta asked the representatives of the Government and the local authorities to urgently assess the damage so that on Wednesday, during the Government meeting, the funds necessary for helping the flood victims whose houses and homesteads were affected should be placed at their disposal.
President Traian Basescu on Friday conveyed a message on the Firefighters’ Day saying that they proved again self-denial, devotion and heroism by taking part in actions meant to protect citizens and their assets in Galati County, which has been hit by floods in the past two days. The Head of State thanked all people whose mission is to defend and rescue the lives of their fellow creatures and who prove heroism and self-sacrifice in their day-by-day action.
Tornado in Tulcea County damages 40 houses
On Friday at noon, a tornado swept Cataloi village from Tulcea County, leaving four houses without roofs and causing significant damage to other 36 houses. Fortunately, no one was injured so no victims were registered.

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