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January 17, 2022

FM Titus Corlatean: We should head towards 2-step positive decision on Schengen

Romania is making all natural approaches for the EU member states to adopt in December a positive decision regarding our country’s accession into the Schengen Area, most likely in ‘two steps,’ Foreign Minister Titus Corlatean has told Agerpres in a video interview that will be released on Tuesday. ‘Romania, practically, according to the European Commission’s assessment, has been meeting the accession criteria [to the Schengen Area] already for some three years. So, our country could have been accepted in 2010, in early 2011, at end-2011, in early 2012, and that still has not happened. Why? Out of political reasons, many of them related to the interests of some political groups in certain member states. In March this year we succeeded, after a discussion in the Justice and Home Affairs (JHA) Council, to introduce on the agenda of the next meeting of the JHA Council, in December this year, a point concerning Romania and Bulgaria’s Schengen Area entry, ‘ Minister Corlatean explained. He underscored that the Lithuanian Presidency of the EU introduced Romania and Bulgaria’s accession to the Schengen Area under the form of a draft decision.
‘Ultimately, it is a natural, legitimate and normal decision because Romania has done its part, has met the objective technical criteria in the Treaties, in the Schengen acquis, and it has invested a lot of money. That is recognized practically by all EU member states,’ added the Romanian top diplomat.
The third biennial report of the European Commission (EC) on the operation of the Schengen Area, released in June in Brussels, mentioned that the EC continues to fully support the accession of Romania and Bulgaria. The topic of Romania and Bulgaria’s Schengen Area entry is present on the provisional agenda for the meeting of the JHA Council in December. Also expected are the EC reports on the progress made by the two countries within the Cooperation and Verification Mechanism (CVM).
Mihai Razvan Ungureanu wants to initiate a confidence vote
Mihai Razvan Ungureanu, a Civic Force senator, announced yesterday that he plans to file a censure motion against Ponta government and that he has had talks both with the opposition forces in the Parliament and with representatives of PSD and PNL, without giving any names.
He said on Realitatea TV that it is necessary to dismiss a “government unable to take the responsibility of governing” and he encouraged Ludovic Orban “to take the message to his fellow liberals”.“Censure motions are important not only for the result of the voting, but also because they engage a broad public debate on the results of governing and we think a motion of censure is necessary today,” he said. Shortly before, Ludovic Orban had announced, in a highly critical message on Facebook, that he will vote any motion of censure against the government of Victor Ponta.

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