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December 1, 2021

Over 3 million pupils and preschoolers have started school

Both the Prime Minister and the President have sent messages at the start of the new school year. New changes occurred to the structure of the school year.

Approximately 3.2 million pupils and preschoolers started yesterday the classes of the first semester of the new school year. The new school year totalizes 36 course weeks, meaning 176 days. Also, this school year will be divided into two semesters of approximately equal duration, and the winter vacation is not inter-semester holiday as before as the first semester will continue until February 1, 2014.
This is not the only change this school year brought for the students. Increasing to 75 pc the weight of the result of the National Evaluation exam, simulating the baccalaureate exam in the 11th grade, evaluations in the 2nd, 4th and 6th grade as well as more inspections and controls in schools are other modifications brought to the structure of the new school year.
An element of novelty for this school year is that pupils will also stay at home the 3rd day of Easter. Another change is that the result of the National Evaluation will account for 75 pc of the mark used in the admission to high-school, compared to 50 pc during previous years, thus making the secondary school graduation average mark count for only 25 pc. The 8th grade will end school on June 13, 2014 and the files for admission in the National Evaluation exam will be submitted on June 16-18.
The new school year begins after a scandal that rocked the entire education system, which should bring more controls and measures in view of changing the image of fraud during the baccalaureate exam. Fraud suspicions aside, the maturity test of this year showed that many pupils are still poorly prepared for the baccalaureate, some hope they will be “lucky” or simply do not care about the result, a situation that imposes rapid measures.
Basescu: We cannot speak about consolidated democracy without quality education
President Traian Basescu has sent a message occasioned by the opening of the new school year in which he says that one cannot speak about consolidated democracy without quality education and that the relevant objectives can be attained if the Education Law is applied without any delay. “The national education must be part of the Europe 2020 objectives: to be centered on the criterion of competitiveness and relevance on the workforce market, to promote equity and social cohesion, and to stimulate creativity and entrepreneurial spirit. We can achieve all those goals if we consistently follow the National Pact for Education, and also if we apply, without any delay, the Education Law. We cannot speak about consolidated democracy without quality education,” the President said in the quoted message.
Ponta: We try to find measures for the security of pupils
Premier Victor Ponta attended the opening of the new school year at the ‘Tudor Vladimirescu’ National College of Targu Jiu (photo), where he said that authorities try finding solutions for “something that appeared more recently in the Romanian society, namely the security of pupils, of teachers. “Especially this year, we tried, and are trying, not only here, in Targu Jiu, but throughout the whole country, to find solutions for something that appeared more recently in the Romanian society, which is the security of pupils, the security of teachers. I want to believe that, beyond the education level, each parent knows that his child is safe while at school, that he goes home safely, that we have fewer acts of violence. Together with the Police, Gendarmerie, Local Police we tried this year and I want to have increasing efficiency in the future, for a protection system, a security system in schools. A system which assures parents that their children are safe at school,” Ponta said before the pupils and teachers of the ‘Tudor Vladimirescu’ National College of Targu Jiu. The premier also wished the pupils of Targu Jiu to enjoy the conditions they have, because “unfortunately in Galati there are children whose school was washed away by water.”
The Minsters of Education and Justice, Remus Pricopie and Robert Cazanciuc, together with the speaker of the Chamber of Deputies, Valeriu Zgonea attended the new school year opening ceremony at School 17 of Bucharest, saying that pupils must learn in good conditions and be safe at school. Education minister Remus Pricopie mentioned that the interest of parents and teachers is that all children learn in good conditions, to which purpose he will take “well-thought and balanced” measures in order to get rid of imbalances throughout the system.
Also attending the opening ceremony at the ‘Mihai Viteazul’ National College in Ploiesti, minister Pricopie said that his ministry aims at granting a “frontal, but balanced” approach to issues like school abandonment and the fact that some parents do not send their children to school. “It is unfair that, in 2013, in Romania, approximately 0.5 pc of children aged between 6 and 7 are not allowed by their parents to go to school. It is unfair that 8 pc of the pupils that ended the 8th grade this year cannot be found in school, although education is compulsory until the 10th grade,” the Minister of Education stated. Pricopie also stated that in the education system there is not just exam fraud explaining that fraud and tax evasion is also when teachers require specific aids. He said that it is “unacceptable” to be asked a class fund, which should be the option of each parent.

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