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October 4, 2022

Serial rapist remanded for 29 days

The man suspected of having raped, on September 10, a journalist in the Lake Floreasca area in Bucharest, was remanded for 29 days, yesterday, by the First District Courthouse. The decision is not final and an appeal can be made in the Bucharest Court. Ninel Mogoseanu was arrested Monday night after he had tried to rape another woman, a secretary in a Bucharest University. The man admitted his offence, after forensics compared the tests of the accused, taken on Monday with the biological samples for the rape on September 10. After the search at his residence, the clothes he had worn the day of the rape and which had been described by the victim were found. In addition, he was recognized by the raped journalist in a line-up. On September 10, a 23 years old journalist from a radio station in Bucharest called the police to complain that she was raped in the Lake Floreasca area by a man who threatened her with a knife in the street. Ninel Mogoseanu is a recidivist. He was sentenced in 2006, to 11 years in prison for robbery and rape. Following a request for parole, Mogoseanu was released from jail in July this year.

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